WALLIX Certified Expert (PAM with WALLIX Bastion) (WCE-P)

This 2-day technical training introduces the advanced concepts of WALLIX solutions to achieve advanced deployments. Based on the setup of Bastion advanced configurations (active / active architecture, automatic provisioning, disaster recovery plan, etc.), training provides the knowledge and skills needed for specific and/or large-scale deployments in complex environments. At the end of the training, an MCQ test must be completed by the trainee and he must get an 70% score to get the WALLIX Certified Expert - Bastion (WCE-P) certification.


This training is intended for engineers of WALLIX reseller partners and end-users who want to achieve advanced deployments of the WALLIX Bastion solution.


The trainee must be certified WCP-P (WALLIX CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL - BASTION). He must also be acquainted with the GNU/Linux command line. Scripting knowledge will facilitate the follow-up of this training.

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I. Advanced authentications

  • Bastion - LDAP/AD explicit authentication
  • Bastion – Radius explicit authentication
  • Bastion – Kerberos explicit authentication
  • Bastion – Kerberos transparent authentication
  • Bastion – certificate X509 transparent authentication
  • Access Manager – LDAP explicit authentication
  • Access Manager – X509 certificate transparent authentication
  • Access Manager – SAML (Security assertion markup language) explicit authentication

II. Advanced Applications

  • Reminder: Applications in WALLIX session manager
  • Clusters
  • AutoIt Scripting Language
  • Download and install AutoIt application
  • Write an AutoIt script *.au3
  • Compile the script to generate the AutoIt application *.exe
  • Upload the AutoIt application on the server
  • Add an AutoIt application on the Bastion
  • Secure the credentials used by Autoit applications
  • WABIELogon script

III. Proxies parameters

  • Global concepts
  • RDP connection policy
  • RDP Proxy Global parameters
  • RDP Proxy sesman Global parameters
  • Change the RDP proxy self-signed certificate
  • SSH connection policy
  • SSH Proxy Global parameters
  • TELNET connection policy
  • VNC connection policy
  • VNC Proxy Global parameters

IV. Advanced Password Manager

  • Reminder: WALLIX Password Manager
  • WAAPM : WALLIX Application to Application Password Manager
  • Bastion as External vault (from V6.1)


  • Global concept
  • Authenticate to The Bastion REST API
  • Logout from the Bastion rest API
  • The Bastion REST API methods
  • The Bastion REST API Response codes
  • Browse resources using REST API
  • ADD a resource using REST API
  • Modify a resource using REST API
  • Delete a resource using REST API