WALLIX Certified Professional (PAM with WALLIX Bastion) (WCP-P)

This 3-day technical training allows you to discover and take control of our WALLIX Bastion solution. It provides the necessary means to understand the basic concepts and functionalities for a deployment in a classical architecture. Alternating theory and practice, it is based on an active participation of the trainee who will have to configure and administer a Bastion into a LAB platform to become completely autonomous. At the end of the training, the trainee will have to pass an MCQ test. An 70% score is required to get the WALLIX Certified Professional - Bastion (WCP-P) certification.


This training is intended for engineers and technicians of WALLIX end-users and reseller partners who want to master the configuration, the deployment and the administration of WALLIX Bastion solution. 


The trainee should be acquainted with SSH, RDP, proxy concepts, and Linux environments. Systems, networks and infrastructure skills will enable the trainee to acquire the Bastion more quickly.

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I. Training and certification courses

II. Company and products

  • WALLIX company
  •  WALLIX products
  •  Licensing information

III. Installing and Handling the WALLIX Bastion

  • Installing the WALLIX bastion appliance
  • The location on the network
  • Initial configuration
  • First connection
  • Changing the admin password
  • Installing the license
  • Configuring the network
  • Configuring the time zone and NTP servers
  • Add A Bastion administrator
  • Backing up the configuration
  • Restoring the configuration
  • Backing up the bastion version
  • Updating the Bastion version
  • Rollback to the previous bastion version
  • Install/uninstall a hotfix
  • Monitoring and logs
  • Configuring an email server and enabling the notifications
  • Main components and services of the Bastion

IV. WALLIX Session Manager

  • Global concepts
  • Add user/primary account (local authentication)
  • Add a user/primary account group
  • Add a device
  • Add secondary/target account (Device account)
  • Add resource group
  • Add an authorization
  • Connecting to a server using RDP
  • Connecting to an SSH server
  • Changing the disclaimer message
  • Add an application
  • Add an SSH startup scenario
  • Add user/primary account (external authentication)
  • Import user/primary account from LDAP/AD
  • Add secondary/target account (Global Domain account)
  • Approval workflow for session manager
  • User profiles
  • Import/export

V. Session Audit

  • Current session
  • Session history
  • Approval history
  • Account history
  • Authentication History
  • Connection statistics
  • Audit Logs
  • Session recording parameters
  • Managing the session records

VI. WALLIX Password Manager

  • Global concepts
  • Add a Checkout policy
  • Configuring a Checkout policy on target/secondary account
  • Add a password management account to the resource group
  • Enable the password checkout on the authorization
  • Password Checkout - User side
  • Add password change policy
  • Password change plugins
  • Enable password change on a target/secondary account
  • Enabling password change and Configuring password policy and password plugin on local/global domain
  • Enabling password change at check-in
  • Password change - administrator side
  • Breaking glass
  • Password manager audit
  • Approval workflow for password Manager

VII. WALLIX Access Manager

  • Global concepts
  • Installing Mysql server
  • Installing the WALLIX Access Manager
  • The default configuration
  • Add an organization
  • Add a bastion to the organization
  • Add primary/user account to the organization
  • Password policy of the organization
  • Customize the template of the organization
  • Connecting to the organization
  • Connecting to a server using RDP
  • Connecting to an application
  • Connecting to a server using SSH
  • Accessing to the accounts password
  • Session Audit from the access manager
  • Managing the WALLIX Access Manager

VIII. WALLIX High availability

  • WALLIX Bastion HA
  • WALLIX HA Replication

IX. Wallix CUSTOMER support center

  • Before opening a case
  • Opening a case