Tech Data Academy, the IT training division for Tech Data Inc., provides official IT certification courses to students around the globe. Our comprehensive IT certification course list will help you get more from your technology investments and safely use all the available features.

We offer IT certifications online, in classrooms or self-paced courses from the IT vendors that are leading the way in next generation and data centre technologies.

By submitting your request or course registration you consent to the collection of the data provided in the form to allow Tech Data Inc. Academy to provide training and education services. The services are delivered using our in-house resources and in partnership with select 3rd parties, including the technology vendors themselves, to provide the very best experience for you, our customer.

Your personal details and those you are authorised to share with Tech Data Academy, will be used to deliver your training and education service, which may include:
• Confirming your registration in the course and contact to arrange payment
• Checking your details against Denied Party Lists required by EU, US and Country legislation
• Providing final confirmation, including travel and accommodation recommendations to attendees
• Arranging access to the training – providing you with a digital access token, access to the training location or remote access[1]
• Providing access to course materials and labs[2]
• Completing a class register
• Providing certificates of completion
• Requesting student feedback and collecting your responses[3]
• Providing training badges

We’d love to learn more about your training and education requirements and business needs and would like to contact you by phone and email to keep you informed about related training & education services, events and offerings.

By submitting your request you consent that we collect your contact information (company name and address, salutation, your name, job role, email address, telephone). Your data will be stored by Tech Data Inc. for up to 5 years, after which time it will be deleted unless you provide additional consent.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending us an email at
After withdrawal of your consent, we will delete your personal information.
Please visit our Tech Data Privacy Policy for additional information.

[1]Training could be provided by a 3rd party
[2]Course materials and labs could be provided by a 3rd party
[3]Your individual responses are not identified in any reporting, the feedback is used to monitor and improve the service we offer to our customers

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