Maximo 7.6 Preventive Maintenance (W0116G-WBT)


This course discusses work management practices for MRO using Maximo. Topics include the various RCM, Work Planning, Job Plans, Emergency Work Orders, Labor Reporting, Service Requests, and using Assignment Manager. The course is delivered via interactive simulations where you have an opportunity to learn and potentially interact with the system while we lead you through the functionality. At the end you can test your knowledge by completing the short quizzes. These simulations may aid you in preparing for certification on the product.


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"Simulation 1: Introduction to RCMS Simulation 2: Introduction to Preventive Maintenance Simulation 3: PM and Job Plan Sequencing Simulation 4: PM Forecast Simulation 5: Creating Master PM Records Simulation 6: Creating a PM Work Order with Route Stops from a PM Simulation 7: PM Hierarchies Simulation 8: Creating and Applying Routes to a PM Schedule Simulation 12: Introduction to Condition Monitoring Simulation 13: Manually Generating a Work Order in Condition Monitoring Simulation 14: Automatic Generation of Work Orders in Condition Monitoring "

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Course Outline

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