TOGAF for Practitioners - Level 2 (TF-TP2)

TOGAF® V9.2 is the foremost generic framework in the field of Enterprise Architecture (EA). 

This course provides guidance on what to do to establish an architecture practice and how to use it in connection with planning the longer-term transformation of the enterprise (strategic architecture), and designing capabilities to support and sustain the transformation.

The TOGAF® 9 Level 2 Certified course is a 2-day, interactive, classroom-based learning experience. The course focuses on the practical application of the TOGAF® 9.2 framework, building on the foundational knowledge and comprehension of Level 1, using practical scenarios to enforce concepts.

Attending this course will prepare you to sit the TOGAF® Certified Level exam and become a certified TOGAF® Practitioner.

This TOGAF® for Practitioners Level 2 course is accredited by The Open Group.

The TOGAF® program is delivered using a unique blend of expert led classroom instructors and courseware, and complimentary digital content.

The digital content includes:

- Interactive ADM Application

- Study and revision guide following the ADM, covering the objectives, inputs, steps and outputs of each phase.

- TOGAF® Toolkit

- TOGAF® Level 2 Practice Exam

- TOGAF® Reference Resource (as per other docs)

- Case Study

Target Audience

The target audience for this course includes aspiring Enterprise Architects, their operational partners (Business Architects, Solution Architects, Project Managers and Sales Teams), and Executive Stakeholders.


There are no formal prerequisites. However, it is recommended that participants have experience in the IT domain. Note, to be certified on TOGAF® 9 Level 2, it is required to have passed the TOGAF® Level 1 exam.

Testing and Certification

This course prepares candidates for the TOGAF® 9.2 Certification examination.

An examination voucher is provided as part of this course, delegates are required to self-book at a time and location that is convenient to themselves


Day One

  • The Preliminary Phase
  • Scoping the Architectural Activity
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision
  • Business Scenarios Technique
  • Phase B: Business Architecture
  • Phase C: Information Systems Architectures – Data Architecture
  • Phase C: Information Systems Architectures – Application Architecture
  • TOGAF® Foundation Architecture: Technical Reference Model
  • Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model

Day Two

  • Phase D: Technology Architecture
  • Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
  • Migration Planning Techniques
  • Phase F: Migration Planning
  • Phase G: Implementation Governance
  • Phase H: Architecture Change Management
  • ADM Requirements Management
  • Architecture Partitioning
  • Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Iteration and Levels
  • Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Security
  • Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: SOA
  • Architecture Maturity Models
  • Skills Framework