Tech U Membership (SUBR018G)

The TechU Membership provides you unlimited access to on-demand courses for 12 months and live scheduled activities that you can enroll in on a quarterly basis.

Duration: 12 month subscription, training available 24/7

Unit price: $199 USD per user

Catalog Size: 100+ titles to choose from

Choose 5 titles from the IBM digital learning content of 100+ titles. From the catalog, choose any:

    0 self-paced courses with labs (SPVCs) 0 web based training courses (WBTs)

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    Titles available in this subscription catalog:-
    • DL70101G: IBM TechU talks
    • TU00002G: IBM TechU Digital Membership overview
    • TU00003G: IBM TechU Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Management on Power Systems
    • TU00004G: IBM TechU Hybrid Cloud on Storage
    • TU00005G: IBM TechU IBM Power Systems collection
    • TU00006G: IBM TechU IBM Storage Systems collection
    • TU00007G: IBM TechU IBM Z collection
    • TU00008G: IBM TechU IBM Z Encryption
    • TU00009G: IBM TechU Linux on IBM z
    • TU00010G: IBM TechU Red Hat and OpenShift - Storage
    • TU00011G: IBM TechU PowerVM Networking & Performance