IBM Enterprise IT and Asset Management 7.1: Customizing Business Objects (TR271G)

  • Identify object-oriented concepts and their advantages
  • Explain what Java is, its basic components, and how it is used as an object-oriented programming language
  • Utilize Java syntax to define variables and classes
  • Write code utilizing Java operations and program control structures
  • Identify and learn to handle error conditions using exceptions
  • Use the Java documentation (JavaDoc)
  • Use Java to design and code classes based on inheritance, composition, and polymorphism
  • Write and troubleshoot programs using the Eclipse IDE
  • Identify when and how to use interfaces and abstract classes
  • Use different classes included in the Java API (I/O, Collection Framework, and so on)
  • Describe design patterns and how they are used
  • Write code that utilizes serialization and remote method invocation(RMI)
  • Use threads to write a multi-threaded program
This intermediate-level course is for Java application developers, including application designers and systems integrators.

Develop Java Customization Classes
Access IBM Base Services Data
Work within the Class Hierarchies for Maximo business objects (Mbo)
Create and Navigate MboSets
Modify Objects
Use Relationships
Handle Errors
Customize Validation Classes
Customize Business Components
Afficher les détails
IBM Tivoli Process Automation Platform component architecture
IBM Tivoli Process Automation Platform data dictionary
Developing code to access, filter, and order MboSet data
Developing code to access Mbo data
Navigating within MboSets
Mbo class hierarchy
Modifying Mbos and Mbo attributes
Relationships and dot notation
Writing code to access related objects using relationships and hierarchies
The MXException hierarchy
Exception class methods
Writing code to validate data using indexes, domains, and Java validation classes
Custom Java validation classes
Logging application
Custom Logger
Validation classes for domains
Developing Java customization classes using RMI
MboSet customization methods
Mbo customization methods
Updating product applications with customized business objects