Transaction Processing – CICS Technical Seminar (CA004G)

Come to this Seminar to get the latest news on how CICS Transaction Server V5 delivers new enhancements in operational efficiency and service agility. Operational efficiency allows organizations to manage their application?s resource consumption through the use of policies, increase the availability of CICS, have a deeper insight into the performance of their applications, and increase the capacity of a CICS region. Service agility allows organizations to modernize their applications with servlets and Java Server Pages, manage and deploy an application as a single entity, and manage groups of CICS regions as a single platform. CICS Transaction Server V5 delivers technical innovation and significant business value, satisfying in excess of 150 customer and user group enhancement requests. The result is a powerful new release, with a huge amount of value for all stakeholders - delivering a smarter transaction processing experience for CICS users and their customers in turn.

IT Manager, IT Professional, IT Architect, System Integrator, Web Application Developer, Business Application Developer, Project Manager, Business Partner, IT Consultant and Independent Software Developer.

  • CICS TS 5.2 Technical Overview
  • No rainclouds here! Using CICS Platform and Policies to keep your  private cloud healthy
  • CICS & Java: A Tale of Liberty
  • CICS v5 Performance Overview
  • Enterprise Modernization of CICS Through Mobile Enterprise
  • Mobile Demo : A Business Case
  • CICS Transaction Gateway v9.1.0 Technical Overview
  • CICS Tools 5.2 and some use cases
  • CICS - Identity and Security
  • IBM WebSphere MQ for zOS & CICS- Workload Balancing in a Plexed World
  • Taming the beast z/FS best practices in CICS
  • Managing large scale CICS environments