z/OS Technical Conference (ES100G)

If you have been a bit too busy with the everyday grind of being a z Systems professional to stay current with the latest IT trends and how the mainframe can play, then this is the event for you.
Join long-time conference speaker Glenn Anderson and his team for a quick survey of a few of the current trends in IT, such as two speed IT, API economy, DevOps, Internet of Things, big data, cognitive computing and more.
After this seminar, you will be able to amaze your z Systems colleagues with your vast industry knowledge!  
All sessions will be in English and business casual attire is appropriate for all conference sessions.
IT Manager, System Programmer, Performance Analyst, Technical Support responsible, Capacity Planner, Consultant.
  • z/OS System Programming
  • z/OS V2.3 migration highlights in 60 minutes
  • Small enhancements you might have missed in z/OS
  • What's currently happening with Continuous Delivery on the z/OS stack?
  • Top new z/OS performance functions every sysprog should understand
  • z/OS Workload Manager Health Check
  • A peek into the future: IBM z/OS installation strategy
  • z/OS Mainframe Modernization
  • How Cloud and APIs Create the Modern z/OS Mainframe
  • Laying Down the Three Bar Beat for the Next Generation of Mainframers - Web UIs, REST APIs and CLIs
  • Building a devops Pipeline on z/OS with real world examples
  • Taking a fresh look at devops with z/OS Explorer Aqua