IBM OpenPages: Maintaining Reporting Functions (1O270G-WBT)


Contains: Instructional content and demonstrations.
This course teaches IBM OpenPages GRC Platform administrators about configuring and maintaining the reporting functions. They will learn how to configure registry settings, add new framework models, and create new namespaces. They will also learn how to exclude OpenPages field definitions from the Cognos framework model that are no longer in use, modify the OpenPages reporting menu, and apply access control lists (ACLs) to reporting menu folders.

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IBM OpenPages GRC Platform application administrators.


  • IBM OpenPages: Core Team Fundamentals or previous OpenPages experience.
  • Experience using basic browser functionality.


  • Definitions
  • OpenPages configurations
  • Initial registry settings
  • Reporting Framework V6 Models
  • Reporting Schema
  • Framework Generation
  • Configuring the Reporting Menu
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Course Outline

1: Definitions
• Objectives of course
• Terms and definitions
2: OpenPages Configurations
• Field exclusions
• Recursive object levels
• Facts and dimensions
• Object type dimensions
• Date dimensions
3: Initial Registry Settings
• Common configuration
• Reporting Framework V6 configuration
• Update reports
4: Reporting Framework V6 Models
• Default framework model
• Adding a new model
• Model settings
• Adding a new namespace
• Object model
• Copying a model
5: Reporting Schema
• The OpenPages reporting schema
• Populate past periods
• Object URL generator
6: Framework Generation
• Recreating the reporting schema
• Updating the reporting framework
7: Configuring the Reporting Menu
• Access to Analytics
• Menu columns
• Hide reporting menu content
• Add content to the reporting menu
• Add reports to the reporting menu
• Add Analytics dashboard to the reporting menu
• Modify report application text strings