Architecting HP Data Center and Cloud Solutions, Rev. 14.41 (00908011)

This course teaches the participant to navigate through the HPE Converged Infrastructure and HPE Helion cloud solution offerings. It also identifies, describes, positions, demonstrates, and specifies the correct solution based on customer needs. Upon its completion, you have a broad understanding of purpose, function, market positioning, competition, and capabilities of data center solutions based on the HPE Converged Infrastructure and HPE Helion. This course reviews the skills required to design complex HPE Converged Infrastructure and cloud solutions. The course prepares experienced presales individuals for the HP0-D19 board review exam. Successfully passing the board review exam is the final step in achieving the HP Master ASE-Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification.


This course is designed for the presales technical audience. This includes partners, enterprise customers, and HPE employees.

Individuals interested in attending this course must have submitted an application and be approved and accepted into this certification program. They must have extensive knowledge and experience with HPE products and solutions coming into this program.


This course prepares you to:

  • Explain the latest cloud and data center industry trends.
  • Use analyst predictions for IT in conversations with your customers.
  • Explain the value of a consultative approach.
  • Apply the most effective selling methodologies in your interactions with the customers.
  • Engage with your customers to identify their business and IT goals and assess their current and desired future states.
  • Apply tools such as, HPE sales plays, competitive information, and the HPE Customer Conversation Framework to understand which problem the customer wants to solve.
  • Use these tools to highlight the value of the proposed solution.
  • Use the HPE business value tools to address customer's financial goals and prove the financial benefits of your solution.
  • Design an HPE Converged Infrastructure and HPE Helion cloud solution based on specific customer requirements.
  • Prepare and present a proposal for an HPE Converged Infrastructure and HPE Helion cloud solution to CxOs of a company.
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Course Modules

Module 1

  • Perspectives on Industry Trends Identify the ways in which the IT industry is changing
  • Define primary business and IT trends and how they converge
  • Describe analyst predictions for IT
  • Describe how HP is meeting IT challenges with a new style of IT that addresses the big bets now and for the future Integrate industry trends and analyst predictions into your consultations with customers. 


Module 2

  • The Value of a Consultative Approach Apply MEDDIC and SCOTSMAN, high-velocity selling methodologies, to enhance your ability to ask customers the right questions
  • Describe the early stages of interacting with customers to understand their needs and priorities by leveraging the HP Customer Driven Selling Methodology (CDSM)
  • Engage the customer by speaking the right language to the right people
  • Write and deliver an elevator pitch. 


Module 2 Lab

  • Drafting an Elevator Pitch
  • Gather information from a customer profile
  • Use the six stages of HP Customer-Driven Sales Methodology (CDSM)
  • Apply MEDDIC to a customer profile
  • Draft an elevator pitch for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Adapt the elevator pitch to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 


Module 3

  • Identifying Customer Business Needs
  • Articulate the current challenges for IT and the major trends changing IT
  • Explain why customers are moving to infrastructure convergence and cloud
  • Engage with the customer to determine business needs and assess their current and desired future state of IT. 

Module 3 lab

  • Assessing the Customer?s IT Situation
  • Discuss pain points with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Make Things Better (MTB)
  • Use a sample HP Converged Infrastructure Capability Model (CI-CM) report to analyze a customer?s infrastructure
  • Apply the CI-CM report to the MTB customer scenario Role play a conversation with the CIO. 


Module 4

  • Applying Customer-Specific Information to Create Solution
  • Work with the HP Customer Conversation Framework to uncover customer drivers and initiatives, address goals and obstacles, and highlight the value of the solution for the customer
  • Articulate and use the HP sales plays and value propositions for your solution in conjunction with the HP Customer Conversation Framework to augment solution proposals Integrate information about HP solutions, competitors and the competitive landscape, and HP differentiators when talking to a customer 


Module 4 Lab

  • Crafting a Value Proposition
  • Clarify the customer problem
  • Apply each quadrant of the HP Customer Conversation Framework to the customer scenario
  • Use the Customer Conversation Framework to design a proposal for MTB?s CIO
  • Craft a value proposition for MTB 


Module 5

  • Working with Customer Business Financials
  • Demonstrate business acumen through an ability to analyze financial statements
  • Define basic financial terms used when talking with a customer's executive officers
  • Calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze a customer's financial health and understand industry and company trends
  • Use HP tools analyze a company's financial position 


Module 5 Lab 1

  • Performing a TCO/ROI Analysis
  • Find and identify the three key financial statements
  • Calculate various key performance indicators (KPIs) for MTB
  • Understand how to use the HP Hyperscale Business Value calculator for various workloads
  • Use the HP Converged Infrastructure Business Value calculator
  • Understand how to use the Client Virtualization ROI calculator to compare a mixed VDI/HDI environment to a traditional desktop environment
  • Talk to the CFO about the cost savings of your solution. 


Module 5 Lab 2

  • Outlining the Proposal
  • Complete a checklist to prepare a site for an HP data center and cloud solution
  • Compile the materials needed to outline a proposal for an HP data center and cloud solution
  • Outline the proposal  

Module 6

  • Preparing and Delivering a Proposal
  • Articulate and execute a systematic approach to preparing a proposal, including the use of sizing and configuration tools to complete the technical configuration of your proposal
  • Effectively present the proposal to your customer
  • Move the proposal to a sale
  • Follow up and support your customer through buy-in and implementation of the solution  

Module 6 Lab

  • Preparing, Presenting, and Evaluating the Proposal
  • Choose an HP configuration or sizing tool to work with and share your results
  • Draft a proposal for an HP data center and cloud solution
  • Create criteria for scoring proposals
  • Present your proposal, critique other proposals, and receive peer evaluation of your proposal.