Deploying HP FlexNetwork Core Technologies (832513)(14.31)

The Deploying HPE FlexNetwork Core Technologies course teaches a comprehensive set of networking skills that will increase your capability to simplify the journey to a unified campus network. Upon course completion, you can successfully implement and troubleshoot enterprise-level HPE FlexNetwork solutions. Hand-on labs give you experience with Comware and ProVision switches, including configuring HPE switches supporting Layer 2 and Layer 3 network redundancy , dynamic routing with OSPF and BGP, network optimization via QoS, and IP multicast routing supported network systems. Additionally, you will extend your knowledge of Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) and how switch virtualization technology simplifies network design and operation. HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) allows network engineers and technicians to quickly and easily configure Quality of Service (QoS) and end-user authentication technologies, is featured throughout the course.

Ideal candidate for this course

IT Professionals who deploy enterprise/core solutions based on HPE products and technologies.


This course prepares you to:

  • Explain the HPE FlexNetwork Architecture
  • Understand and configure advanced dynamic routing protocols like multi-area OSPF and BGP.
  • Configure and implement Router Redundancy with VRRP.
  • Configure and implement Data Link Layer Redundancy with Spanning Tree protocols, UDLD/DLDP and Distributed Trunking.
  • Configure and implement advanced network virtualization with IRF such as ISSU.
  • Configure and implement Network Security with ACLs and Port Authentication.
  • Deploy and manage the network with HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC).
  • Configure and implement network optimization technologies such as QoS.
  • Configure and implement Multicasting with IGMP, PIM Sparse and PIM Dense Mode.