Designing HPE Backup Solutions Rev 16.11 (STOR-ASE-BU)(16.11)

This course teaches you selection and design of HPE Backup Solutions to define appropriate Backup and Recovery strategies for various customer scenarios. Course includes the benefits of Backup and Recovery Solutions, knowledge of Backup and Recovery solution components, and requirements for a complete backup storage solution. This course prepares you with a competency level of an Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) and proficiency in HPE StoreOnce Strategy, including Backup and Recovery best practices, configuration guidelines, and recommended configurations.

Ideal candidate for this course

Typical candidates for this course are:

  • Presales professionals who support sales representatives at customer site to prepare a complete and supported HPE Storage Solution. The ideal candidate provides technical support needed during the planning and design of HPE Backup and Recovery products and solutions.
  • HPE channel partner organizations and members of HPE sales teams who want to increase sales of HPE Backup and Recovery solutions.
  • Individual customers and members of purchasing teams who define and propose Storage solutions


This course prepares you to:

  • Explain the fundamental architectures and technologies of Enterprise Backup Solutions
  • Describe HPE Backup concepts and strategies
  • Identify customer backup requirements
  • Design, validate and propose HPE Backup and Recover solutions
  • Implement the HPE Enterprise BURA vision, strategy, products and solutions
  • Plan and design HPE Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions
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Course Topics

Downtime and Availability

  • Quantifying downtime
  • Causes of downtime
  • Availability

Backup Strategy

  • What is backup
  • Availability technologies
  • Data tiering
  • Why is backup needed
  • Types of backup
  • Tape media drives and technologies
  • Maintaining history

Topology and Performance

  • Basic backup methods
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Backup encryption
  • capacity planning
  • Tape-as-NAS

Backup and Archive Configurations

  • Simple backup configurations
  • SAN-based backup configurations
  • Remote backup configurations
  • Virtualization-related backup configurations
  • HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager
  • Tiered data retention for HPE StoreServ