Designing HPE Backup Solutions Rev 16.11 (STOR-ASE-BU)(16.11)


  • Downtime and Availability
    - Quantifying downtime
    - Causes of downtime
    - Availability
  • Backup Strategy
    - What is backup
    - Availability technologies
    - Data tiering
    - Why is backup needed
    - Types of backup
    - Tape media drives and technologies
    - Maintaining history
  • Topology and Performance
    - Basic backup methods
    - Storage Area Networks
    - Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
    - Backup and disaster recovery
    - Backup encryption
    - capacity planning
    - Tape-as-NAS
  • Backup and Archive Configurations
    - Simple backup configurations
    - SAN-based backup configurations
    - Remote backup configurations
    - Virtualization-related backup configurations
    - HPE Enterprise Secure Key Manager
    - Tiered data retention for HPE StoreServ
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This course prepares you to:
? Explain the fundamental architectures and technologies of Enterprise Backup Solutions
? Describe HPE Backup concepts and strategies
? Identify customer backup requirements
? Design, validate and propose HPE Backup and Recover solutions
?Implement the HPE Enterprise BURA vision, strategy, products and solutions
? Plan and design HPE Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions