DB2 for i Technical Forum (OLB10G)

Recognize and celebrate the 30th anniversary of AS/400, iSeries, IBM i (June 2018).
AS/400, iSeries, IBM i represents 30+ years of innovation, leadership and unique value.
Properly storing, securing, and exploiting data for a competitive advantage is a critical success factor in business today.
To accomplish this in a financially responsible manner, we must seek to revitalize, re-engineer and modernize database and data centric applications.
The 2018 Db2 for i Technical Forum will illuminate, explore and highlight technologies and techniques to move forward in the cognitive era.
The agenda will include topics such as:
  • Data and Database topics from the audience
  • History lesson: 30 years of Innovation and Leadership
  • Update on Db2 for i
  • Db2 Row and Column Access Control
  • Db2 Temporal Database
  • Db2 SQL Aggregate Functions
  • Db2 SQL OLAP Specifications
  • The Power of a Date Dimension
  • Revitalize, Re-engineer and Modernize Motivation
  • Revitalize, Re-engineer and Modernize Example - Start to Finish
  • Final Q&A

Please, plan on joining us for a very informative and exciting 2 days technical fun!

Database Designer, Performance Analyst, Application Developer.
Teacher: Mike Cain, Senior Technical Staff Member, Team Leader DB2 for i Center of Excellence, Lab Services Power Systems Delivery Practice - IBM Systems, Rochester, Minnesota USA
Mike Cain is a Senior Technical Staff Member within the IBM Systems organization.  He is the creator and team leader of the DB2 for i Center of Excellence located in Rochester, Minnesota USA.  Prior to his current position, he worked as an IBM AS/400 Systems Engineer and technical consultant and educator.  Before joining IBM in 1988, Mike worked as a System/38 programmer and Data Processing Manager for a property and casualty insurance company.  Mike has several years of experience with IBM working with clients and business partners around the world. In additional to assisting clients, he uses his knowledge and experience to influence the IBM solutions, development and support processes.  Mike's insight and perspectives can be found at: db2fori.blogspot.com.