RealPresence Web Suite Pro (RPCAVESAT301)

Polycom training provides a progressive learning path with courses starting at Level 1 and progressing to Level 3. This course is categorized as a Level 3 course which means it provides in-depth understanding of Polycom solutions in a real-world environment. It assumes Level 2 knowledge (see the pre-requisites below).

Course Goals
On completion of the training students will be able to:
  • Explain the features and functions of the RealPresence Web Suite Pro
  • Configure Polycom RealPresence Platform prerequisite components for the Web Suite Pro
  • Configure the Polycom RealPresence Web Suite Pro components
  • Use Web Suite Pro to host Scheduled and Meet Now types of meetings
  • Describe and configure advanced features, such as WebRTC and HTTPs Tunnelling
  • Conduct standard system administration and maintenance tasks