SnapProtect Solution Administration (SPSA)


This course provides instruction, hands-on practice, and interactive demonstrations to help you to learn how to administer the NetApp SnapProtect solution that was developed in conjunction with Commvault. Learn how to configure backup and recovery for application server, database server, and virtualization server data, using NetApp FAS, the SnapProtect Open System SnapVault Plug-in, and IBM N-Series storage systems to provide primary and secondary storage. Learn how to plan, install, upgrade, restore, and troubleshoot the SnapProtect and DataFabric Manager servers.
Who should attend
Customers, Partners, and NetApp employees
Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration (D7ADM)
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe the SnapProtect solution functionality and the new features of SP6a and SP7
  • Install and configure a NetApp SnapProtect solution environment
  • Set up SnapProtect disk libraries
  • Set up SnapProtect disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape storage policies
  • Protect NAS and SAN application data in physical and virtual environments
  • Upgrade and restore the SnapProtect solution environment
  • Use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot
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Course Outline
Module 1 The SnapProtect Solution: Getting Started
  • Describe the components of the NetApp SnapProtect solution
  • Describe the SnapProtect workflow
  • Install SnapProtect solution software
  • Install the NetApp Management Console to manage the DataFabric Manager server
  • Create resource pools for SnapProtect
  • Add a DataFabric Manager server into the CommCell
Module 2 Configuring Disk Libraries and Tape Media
  • Describe media management
  • Configure SnapProtect disk libraries
  • Configure SnapProtect tape libraries
  • Perform tape-management operations
Module 3 Storage Policies and Schedule Policies
  • Describe and configure storage policies
  • Describe and configure schedule policies
  • Select the appropriate DataFabric Manager provisioning policies for SnapVault or SnapMirror copies
Module 4 Protecting NAS Data
  • Describe the components and the workflow of the SnapProtect solution for NAS data, including SnapVault and SnapMirror copies of NAS data
  • Describe and add NAS clients to the CommCell
  • Describe the default BackupSet and the default subclient
  • Assign storage policies to NAS subclients
  • Back up and restore NAS data
  • Import DataFabric Manager (DFM) server relationships with the NAS Import Tool
Module 5 Protecting Microsoft SQL Database Content
  • Describe SQL Server architecture
  • Describe the components and workflow of the SnapProtect solution for SQL data
  • Add a SQL client to the CommCell
  • Add instances of the SQL server to the CommCell
  • Create subclients
  • Back up and restore SQL data
Module 6 Protecting Microsoft SharePoint Content Databases
  • Describe SharePoint topologies and components
  • Describe SharePoint deployments in the SnapProtect solution
  • Describe the SnapProtect iDataAgent for SharePoint
  • Back up and recover SharePoint content
  • Describe SharePoint Snap Mining
Module 7 Protecting Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Data
  • Describe Exchange mail database information stores, mailboxes, and individual mail objects
  • Describe the components and workflow of protecting Exchange in the SnapProtect solution
  • Add an Exchange client to the CommCell
  • Back up and recover Exchange databases
  • Configure Snap Mining on a proxy server
Module 8 Protecting VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • Describe the components for protecting VM data in a SnapProtect solution
  • Install the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) on the Hyper-V server or the VMware proxy host
  • Define guest machines or VMs as subclients
  • Back up and restore guest machines or VMs
Module 9 Protecting Oracle Database Content
  • Describe Oracle server architecture and database file structure
  • Describe SnapProtect data protection for Oracle database content
  • Install Oracle iDataAgent software on UNIX hosts to join Oracle servers as clients
  • Configure subclients to protect Oracle database content
  • Back up and restore Oracle database content
Module 10 Maintaining the SnapProtect Environment
  • Apply SnapProtect service packs to the CommServe and client machines
  • Restore the SnapProtect CommServer
  • Restore the DataFabric Manager server database
Module 11 Tools and Techniques to Resolve Issues
  • Use diagnostic tools
  • Resolve SnapProtect solution issues
  • Resolve storage system issues

Lab Exercises
  • Lab 0-1 Connect your equipment set
  • Lab 0-2 Create a volume on the primary storage system
  • Lab 0-3 Create and format an iSCSI LUN
  • Lab 0-4 Run the Adventureworks installation file
  • Lab 1-1 Ensuring supportability
  • Lab 1-2 Locate the SnapProtect software on the NetApp Support site
  • Lab 1-3 Install the SnapProtect software
  • Lab 1-4 Tour the CommCell Console
  • Lab 1-5 Install the SnapProtect license code
  • Lab 1-6 Licensing Protection Manager and Provisioning Manager
  • Lab 1-7 Installing the NetApp Management Console
  • Lab 1-8 Configuring the storage systems as DataFabric Manager hosts
  • Lab 1-9 Defining resource pools
  • Lab 1-10 Register the NetApp storage systems and DataFabric Manager server
  • Lab 2-1 Create disk libraries for index files
  • Lab 3-1 Observing the system-generated CommServeDR storage policy
  • Lab 3-2 Creating storage policies
  • Lab 3-3 Adding a SnapCopy to a storage policy
  • Lab 3-4 Adding fan-out copies to a storage policy
  • Lab 3-5 Adding cascaded copies to a storage policy
  • Lab 3-6 Adding combination cascade and vault copies to a storage policy
  • Lab 4-1 Add a NAS client to the CommCell
  • Lab 4-2 Define subclients
  • Lab 4-3 Assign a backup policy the default subclient
  • Lab 4-4 Backing up NAS content
  • Lab 4-5 Restoring NAS content
  • Lab 5-1 Install agent software directly on to a client host
  • Lab 5-2 Define subclients
  • Lab 5-3 Assign a backup policy to the default subclient
  • Lab 5-4 Backing up SQL databases
  • Lab 5-5 Restoring SQL databases
  • Lab 6-1 Plan the implementation of SnapProtect on the Vitaco SharePoint farm
  • Lab 7-1 Install agent software directly on to a client host
  • Lab 7-3 Assign a backup policy to the default subclient
  • Lab 7-4 Define subclients
  • Lab 7-5 Backing up Exchange InfoStores
  • Lab 7-6 Restoring Exchange InfoStores
  • Lab 8-1 Creating a VMware vCenter instance
  • Lab 8-2 Creating subclients for virtual machines
  • Lab 8-3 Initiating backup jobs for a VM
  • Lab 8-4 Running and mounting auxiliary copies for Snap Mining
  • Lab 8-5 Restoring individual messages for Exchange server virtual machines
  • Lab 9-1 Install agent software directly on to a client host
  • Lab 9-2 Troubleshooting step: Review the installation steps for the error
  • Lab 9-3 Assign a storage policy to the default subclient
  • Lab 9-4 Backing up Oracle databases
  • Lab 9-5 Restoring Oracle databases
  • Lab 9-6 Troubleshooting step: Correct the installation error
  • Lab 10-1 Downloading the SnapProtect Service Pack software
  • Lab 10-2 Update the CommServe software cache with the Copy-To-Cache tool
  • Lab 10-3 Install the software onto the CommServe and MediaAgent hosts
  • Lab 10-4 Install the software onto the client machines