Workshop C1000-020 IBM Spectrum Scale V5 Implementation (SSI-01)

This exam consists of 5 sections described below.
Gather Customer Requirements
1. Describe a customer's hardware and software environment.
2. Describe customer operational contraints, including power, cooling, personnel, knowledge level, service level requirements.
3. Identify disaster recovery and high availability requirements.
4. Identify performance requirements, including throughput and latency.
5. Identify the customer's capacity and growth requirements.
6. Describe the process to qualify a customer's expectations, including the decision making process and the business requirement(s).
7. Determine the justification for a system acquisition.
8. Describe a conceptual level understanding of existing systems environments and new workloads.
Value Proposition
1. Identify the benefits of IBM solutions.
2. Identify the difference in cost, performance, and reliability of IBM storage solutions.
3. Identify application and OS integration.
4. Given a scenario, explain investment protection and TCO of a solution.
IBM Spectrum Family Software
1. Compare IBM management tools with competitive management tools and techniques to identify IBM strengths.
2. Describe integration with open software standards.
3. Describe Cloud-enabled solutions.
4. Identify how IBM storage software and products help clients solve data management issues through Smarter Storage and application efficiency.
5. Describe the use-case of IBM Spectrum Family software.
IBM New Workloads Solutions
1. Describe the benefits and efficiency in the IBM solutions compared to competitors.
2. Identify potential solutions for the customer.
Using Sales Tools and Resources in Support of Solutions
1. Identify appropriate resources within IBM or through the business partner channel to develop and close business.
2. Identify the Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) and Solution Assurance Product Review (SAPR) responsibilities