Blockchain for Business Essentials (U5BLBE1G)

In this course, we will learn in depth the features, strategy and use of Blockchain platform and distributed ledger technologies. We will learn about Blockchain platforms, building blocks, business models and industry use cases. We will dive into the Hyperledger project and understand how to use design methodologies to implement Blockchain networks. Labs and exercises to create your first project included.


Interchains is an experienced systems architect and consultant with a track record of providing high quality services. During its 20-year experience, it has worked in pre-sales, systems architecture, consulting, training and project management in high profile technology corporations.

Interchains has extensive experience in content, cognitive and transactional technologies, engaged from the design to the implementation of complex and multi-tier solutions.

Today, they are a Blockchain Certified Specialist, expert in public and permissioned networks using Hyperledger, Corda and Ethereum technology stacks.

What you’ll learn

Students will learn about the main techology pillars of Blockchain: ledger, block, transaction, cryptography and consensus. They will by able to differentiante between public networks vs. permitted networks and know the different industry use cases like health, telecom, agribusiness, financial, insurance, logistics & transportation, energy, etc.

They´ll be able to design a Blockchain network based on Blockchain implementation design patterns like bpm, supply chain, tokenization, identity, etc. They will also learn about the Hyplerledger project and understand how to apply design methods to architect any Blockchain project!


Developers, architects, IT professionals, Blockchain enthusiasts, system and database administrators, IT managers, IT specialists, C-level professionals and / or executive level with a low / average knowledge in systems and technology.


There are no prerequisites for this course.