DevOps & Microservices Essentials (U5BLDM1G)

Learn the new Approach to DevOps: the Pipeline revolution for efficient deliveries in agile and scalable environments. This strategy increases the company's ability to deliver applications and services at high speed—optimizing and improving products at a faster pace than companies that use traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. Implement efficiency, delivery and turn IT into a profit center!

Top topics

Introduction to the new DevOps approach

IBM Method and Tools

  • Introduction to IBM Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Garage Method
  • Cloud Foundry for continuous Delivery with DevOps Insight
  • The IBM DevOps toolchain
  • Pipelines in the Continuous Delivery service

Open tools & IBM integration

  • Introduction to Git
    • Git & GitHub
    • Repositories
    • Change Management
  • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Plugins
    • DevOps Insights Jenkins
  • Introduction to Docker
    • Registry
    • Images & Containers
    • Compose
  • Kubernetes
    • Features
    • Installation
    • Kubernetes vs. Swarm


  • IBM Cloud DevOps tools
  • Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes


Administration and systems operation knowledge

Target Audience

Developers, architects/ IT professionals, enthusiasts, systems and database managers, IT managers, it specialists, C-level


Laptop with internet connectivity, NodeJS pre-installed.