iMC Essentials for Network Administrators (HPE08G)

The iMC Essentials for Network Administrators training course covers the features of HP Intelligent Management Center Software Platform (IMC) version 7. This course will teach you how IMC can be used for: Fault Management; Configuration and Change Management; Accounting Management; Performance Management; Security Management in a manner consistent with the OSI Management Framework.

In this course you will get hands on experience using IMC to manage Comware and ProVision products as well as products from 3rd party vendors like Cisco, Microsoft and VMWare.

This course is approximately fifty percent lecture and learning activities and fifty percent lab activities.

Who should attend

IT Professionals who install, configure and implement enterprise level managed networks based on HP products and technologies, including HP Reseller Systems Engineers and Customer IT Staff.


Learners should have experience in the networking field to get the most from this training course.

Course objectives

The iMC Essentials for Network Administrators course covers the important topics a network specialist needs to know when deploying enterprise-level core networks in Campus LANs. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Design your Network Management Architecture
  • Understand how to IMC technically design IMC, via SNMP, Technical Design Layers and Deployment Models
  • Understand the IMC Platform including, licensing and the various IMC modules
  • Understand and configure IMC initial access and how to add devices to the IMC platform
  • Understand, use and configure various IMC usability features such as:
    • View Management
    • Events and Alarms
    • Configuration Management
    • VLAN Management
    • ACL Management
    • Virtualization Management
    • Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
    • Performance Management
    • Reporting