BIG-IP LTM Workshop (BLWS)

This three day workshop is designed for administrators and engineers and provides an understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to configure and maintain the  BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager. The workshop introduces students to the BIG-IP system, objects, traffic flows, LTM features and daily operations and administrative tasks. The course combines lectures and hands on labs.
Target audience:
This workshop is intended for network administrators, operators, and engineers who are responsible for managing the normal day-to-day operation and for installation, setup and configuration of the BIG-IP LTM system.
There are no prerequisites for this workshop, but students should understand network concepts and configuration.
Day 1
  • Getting started with the BIG-IP system
  • Traffic processing with BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
  • NATs and SNATs
  • Traffic Management Shell (tmsh)
  • Monitoring application health and managing object status
  • Modifying traffic behaviour with profiles, including SSL offload (client SSL termination)
  • Modifying traffic behaviour with persistence with  cookie persistence 

Day 2
  • Troubleshooting the BIG-IP system, including logging (local, high-speed, and legacy remote logging), monitoring the BIG-IP system remotely with SNMP, and using tcpdump
  • Always-On Management (AOM)
  • License, disk, boot location, and software management
  • User roles and administrative partitions
  • CMP and vCMP concepts
  • High Availability (Sync-Failover, Sync-Only device groups, traffic groups, and N+1 concepts)
  • Customizing application delivery with iRules 

Day 3
  • Forwarding and network virtual servers, path load balancing, and auto last hop
  • Load Balancing, including priority group activation and connection limits
  • Persistence concepts, including universal persistence and match across services
  • Monitors, including scripted monitors and managing multiple monitors
  • Profiles, including compression, caching.
  • Deploying iApps 
This workshop does not prepare the student for the Level 101 and Level 201 exams, to become F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA), but can be taken as a first step towards exam preparation. The trainer will inform you during your workshop what the next steps are to be fully prepared for taking your exams.
Duration: 3 days