Challenge Labs VMware Collection - VCP: DCV 2021 (LODS-CL-COL-DCV)

Challenge Labs are designed to extend and expand your learning experience with hands-on, scenario-based exercises. Challenge labs are goal oriented, short-duration, scenario-based hands-on exercises, and an excellent way to provide additional skills development and assessment. As new challenge labs are released, and you will gain automatic access to them for the duration of your subscription.


  • IT Professionals who are looking to keep up to date on features and functionality for a particular technology
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for supporting multiple technologies
  • IT Professional/Developers who are preparing for vendor certification exams

Challenge Labs Levels

There are three levels of Challenges included in your Library.

  • Guided - Step-by-step instructions with detailed hints [Duration ~ 30 minutes]
  • Advanced- Given requirements, students utilize resource information [Duration ~ 45 minutes]
  • Expert - Spans multiple products, technologies, and platforms [Duration ~ 60 minutes]

Challenge Lab Topics

This dedicated collection of over 15 Challenge Labs (and more coming soon) is intended for individuals who want to prepare for the VMware Data Center Virtualization certifications, which are designed to gauge your level of skill designing, installing, and managing VMware vSphere environments in a real world environment.

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Content - Available Now

  • Getting Started with Data Center Virtualization - Series 1 [Getting Started]
  • Install and Configure ESXi [Guided]
  • Manage a vCenter Server Appliance [Guided]
  • Create and Manage VMFS Datastores [Guided]
  • Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware vSphere [Guided]
  • Configure vLANs on a Virtual Switch [Guided]
  • Configure vCenter Server Permissions [Guided]
  • Configure NFS Storage in vSphere [Guided]
  • Configure iSCSI Storage in vSphere [Guided]
  • Configure a vCenter Server [Guided]
  • Configure a Standard Virtual Switch [Guided]
  • Configure a Distributed Virtual Switch [Guided]
  • Can You Manage vSphere Storage? [Advanced]
  • Can You Create and Configure Virtual Switches? [Advanced]
  • Can You Configure a New vCenter Server That Contains Multiple ESXi Hosts? [Advanced]
  • Can You Build and Manage a vSphere Infrastructure? [Expert]

Coming Soon - Q1 2021

  • Getting Started with Data Center Virtualization - Series 2 [Getting Started]
  • Replicate a vCenter [Guided]
  • Modify a VM [Guided]
  • Migrate a VM [Guided]
  • Manage a VM Snapshot [Guided]
  • Manage a Resource [Guided]
  • Create Tags, Notes and Storage Policies [Guided]
  • Create and Publish a Content Library [Guided]
  • Clone VMs and Deploy Templates [Guided]
  • Can You Modify and Migrate a VM? [Advanced]
  • Can You Create VM Replication and Resource Controls? [Advanced]
  • Can You Create and Manage a VM by Using Custom Settings? [Advanced]
  • Can You Create and Manage Virtual Machines? [Expert]