Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Workshop (OCIW)

From the world's most used database to diverse business applications, Oracle has gained for many years an excellent reputation for developing technologies that enable companies to overcome key business challenges.

For example, Oracle has built a cloud infrastructure platform that offers unprecedented reliability, scalability and performance for business-critical databases, applications and workloads. In fact, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the very first cloud specifically developed for the enterprise market.

We would like to invite you to follow a two-day technical training focused on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. During these two days we will discuss the main solutions for OCI and the technical architecture that underpins these solutions. In addition, we naturally share very valuable hands-on experiences from practice with you.

Target Audience

Technical personnel with some experience in designing and implementing infrastructure solutions and knowledge of virtualization, network and storage. Experience with cloud is not necessary.


Day 1 

  • Introduction in Next Generation Cloud (OCI)
  • Understand the different cloud services (Part 1): IAM, VCN, Connectivity, Compute, Storage
  • Hands-on practice module
  • Examples of exam questions

Day 2 

  • Making the different cloud services understandable (Part 2): Load balancing, Database and Network
  • Hands-on practice module
  • Preparation for exam: OCI Architect Associate


2 days


This technical training is a great first step to certify your technical people as ‘Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate’.