Authentication Manager Administration (RSAAMA)

This course provides an overview of the administrative responsibilities associated with an RSA SecurID® system. The working principles behind RSA Authentication Manager and RSA SecurID authenticators are discussed, including product architecture, time synchronization, managing external Identity Sources and exploring all aspects of an administrative structure. Extensive hands-on labs reinforce the administrative tasks involved in managing a user population and token assignment.
The subject matter in this course prepares students with the classroom component recommended for the RSA Authentication Manager Certified Administrator certification.

Target audience:
System, security, or help desk administrators who need to administer and support RSA SecurID products.

Familiarity with Microsoft® Windows® or UNIX/Linux system administration.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic architecture and theory of operation of the RSA SecurID product suite
  • Perform configurations required for RSA Authentication Manager system operations
  • Perform user administration functions to populate and manage users
  • Perform reporting and user troubleshooting
  • Understand ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Understand the setup and use of software authenticators
  • Understand the configuration and use of self-service functionality


  • Product and Technology Overview
    • High level description of RSA Authentication Manager and its contribution to user authentication
    • Authentication as a foundation of security, trust andconfidence in digital identities
    • RSA Authentication Manager system components and communication
  • RSA SecurID Authentication
    • RSA SecurID authentication options
    • Concepts of strong user authentication
    • Token technology ? time synchronization, authenticator types
  • Risk-Based Authentication
    • Configuration and management of Risk-based authentication
    • Device fingerprinting and behavior data collection and analysis
    • Selecting assurance levels
  • Deployment and Administrative Structure
    • Deployment planning and establishing an administrative structure
  • Policy Management
    • Defining and applying policies to the system and Security Domains

-    Password and Token policies
-    Lockout and self-service policies
-    Risk-based and Offline authentication policies

  • System Administration
    • Establishing and maintaining organizational and administrative structures:

-    LDAP Identity Sources
-    Security Domains
-    User and User Group structures
-    Administrative roles and delegation
-    Authentication Agents

  • Authenticator Management
    • Managing RSA SecurID hardware tokens
    • Software token deployment and installation
    • Managing Risk-Based Authentication
    • Managing On-Demand Authentication
  • Auditing, Reports and Troubleshooting
    • RSA Authentication Manager report functions
    • Report customization
    • Troubleshooting procedures
  • Self-Service Management and Support
    • Configurations for user self-service functions
    • User account and authenticator management and provisioning

RSA AM 8.0 Administration + RSA AM 8.0 Installation and Configuration + exam = RSA Authentication Manager Certified Administrator

2 days