Authentication Manager Installation & Configuration (RSAAMIC)

This course offers hands-on training on the installation and configuration of RSA Authentication Manager, Authentication Agents, Web Tier, and other RSA SecurID® system components. This course assumes that the student has attended the RSA Authentication Manager Administration course or has equivalent operation and administrative experience with RSA Authentication Manager ? administrative tasks are not covered as part of this course.

Target audience:
Technical personnel who install, service and support RSA Authentication Manager and RSA SecurID deployments.

Microsoft® Windows® or UNIX/Linux system administration; attendance in RSA Authentication Manager Administration course, or equivalent v7.1 or v8 administration experience; Familiarity with virtual machine deployment on VMware.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Plan and perform the pre-installation, installation, and configuration tasks to accomplish an RSA Authentication Manager virtual appliance installation in a VMware environment
  • Configure RSA Authentication Manager system parameters
  • Configure and connect to external LDAP Identity Sources
  • Create redundant/failover RSA Authentication Manager replica servers and understand the role and management of replica server instances
  • Install and configure RSA Authentication Agents for local workstation and web access protection
  • Perform an RSA Authentication Manager Web Tier installation to support user self-service and risk-based authentication

Course contents: 

  • RSA Authentication Manager System Architecture
    • Primary and Replica instances
    • Authentication Agents and communication paths
    • Identity Sources
    • Firewall configurations
    • Web Tier component
    • RADIUS communication
  • Deployment Scenarios and Planning 
    • Deployment and Installation planning
    • Using the right Authentication Agent
    • Planning administrative support
    • Using CT-KIP for software token deployment
  • RSA Authentication Manager Deployment
    • Pre-Installation requirements and considerations
    • Supported VMware environments and features
    • V8.x Hardware Appliance deployment
    • Deployment process and steps
    • Post-deployment tasks
  • System Configurations
    • Settings and configurations
      • System-wide configurations
      • Instance settings
      • Console and dashboard personalization
  • Authentication Agent Configurations
    • Functions and features of representative Authentication Agent installations for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems
    • Configuring Agent software for local, network and web access protection
    • Handling node secret and sdconf.rec files
  • Replica Instances
    • Strategies for dealing with primary instance failures and replica promotion
    • Creating replica packages
    • Establishing preferred and failover servers in Agent hosts
  • Web Tier Installation
    • Requirements and installation process for the Web Tier component
    • Customizing the end user interface 
  • System Utilities
    • Using the Command-line Utility package
    • Installing and configuring the Windows MMC snap-in
    • Managing Realm trusts
  • Credential Manager Configuration
    • Setting up the Credential Manager for provisioning
  • RADIUS Server Configuration
    • RADIUS functions and capabilities
    • Primary and Replica RADIUS servers
    • Managing RADIUS users
  • RSA Authentication Manager Migration Overview
    • Optional overview of the migration process from version 6.1 to version 8 and/or version 7.1 to version 8
    • This module is delivered if students are planning to perform a migration in their production system and are interested in the general planning and steps involved in a migration

RSA AM 8.0 Administration + RSA AM 8.0 Installation and Configuration + exam = RSA Authentication Manager Certified Administrator

2 days