Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure on Azure (TDM-AzureDMI)

Remote Desktop Modern Interface is the next iteration of a typical RDS environment that can be deployed on Azure. RMDI allows you to optimize your RDS deployment in different ways. First of all you will be able to leverage Azure Active Directory credentials to logon into your RDS environment what allows you to optimize your infrastructure from an AD perspective.

Next to that you have the opportunity to deploy all but the Session Host components of a typical RDS deployment in a Multi-tenant way so that you optimize from a customer deployment perspective as well. Once a Partner has deploy his Multi-Tenant RDMI infrastructure all that needs to be deployed at customer side is the session hosts an as such complexity & costs are reduced.

This training is offered for resellers only.

During this technical session you will learn :
  • How to deploy a Multi-tenant RDMI environment.
  • How to connect your RDS environment with AAD Authentications without having the need for a AD VM.
  • How to deploy and update your applications.