Dynamics 365 business Central Chocolates & Production (TDM-D365-BCCP)

In this 3-day Chocolates & Production Bootcamp Session you will be submerged into the HumanITI 'Willy Wonka' chocolate world and the translation into the production area of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Day 1 - Making own praline and ganache
In day 1 you will be making your own molded pralines with Callebaut's famous chocolate. You will be crystallizing the chocolate, making your own favorite ganache and fill the molds. At the end of the day you will close your own pralines to take them with you on day 3.
Day 2 & 3 - Translation of Willy Wonky production process into D365 Business Central
We will use all the ingredients and production process from Day 1 as a start to create your own pralines as Bill-of-Materials. We will discover starting production orders, we will finish them and check the scrap percentages.
Starting from a role-based approach, you get a good insight in what D365 Business Central can offer for your organization regarding to inventory management and production related processes. 
Following topics will be covered: 
Inventory Management 
  • Introduction into inventory mgt
  • Inventory Control - Item Reservation and Order tracking 
  • Multiple Locations 
  • Location Transfers 
  • Serial & Lot Numbers 
  • Assembling Items 
  • Questions & answers
Production processes
  • Information about production orders 
  • Creation of production orders 
  • Outsourcing production 
  • Consuming output for a released production order line 
  • Booking consumption in batches 
  • Processing output & processing times in batches 
  • Booking capacity