Microsoft Power Platform - Microsoft Flow (TDM-MPP-MSF)

In this 1-day Microsoft Flow Readiness Session you get a good basic insight in what MS Flow can offer to businesses as part of the Microsoft Power Platform. Include powerful workflow automation directly in your apps with a no-code approach that connects to hundreds of popular apps and services.
Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. For example, with a few clicks capture tweets and add them as leads in Dynamics 365, subscribers in Mailchimp, and more...

Following topics will be covered:
  • What is Microsoft Flow?
  • Looking at a first flow
  • Set of connectors
  • Types of flow triggers
  • Button flows
  • CDS Connection triggers
  • MS flow and Dynamics 365
  • Dynamic content
  • Expressions
  • Controlling execution flow
  • Handling errors
  • Testing and fixing flows
  • Best practices
  • Questions & answers