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IBM Academy vouchers can help you on your journey in attaining the latest IBM certifications and IT training. But don’t delay, courses are popular and these vouchers have an expiry date. As an authorised IBM Global Training Provider (GTP), Tech Data accepts both types of IBM Academy vouchers as payment:When it comes to technology for enterprise organisations, IBM has an impressive track record of end-to-end solutions spanning most of the major industries around the globe. IBM leads innovation across analytics, cloud, commerce, IT infrastructure, mobilefirst, security and Watson; meaning getting trained on the latest generation of IBM technology can create almost endless possibilities for you and your organisation. Additionally become IBM certified and get recognised as an expert within your own technology specific field.

IBM PGI Business Partner: IBM PGI vouchers offer up to 80% or a maximum of $2,100 discount on selected Tech Data Academy courses.

IBM Specialty Business Partner: IBM Specialty vouchers offer 100% discount on Power and Storage courses at Tech Data Academy.

Simply tell us what course you are interested in and provide us with a copy of your voucher. Tech Data will validate, register your voucher with IBM and send you confirmation.

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