Nimble Storage was founded to enable enterprises to eliminate storage silos and consolidate all of their critical applications onto a single flash storage platform leveraging cloud-based management with deep data analytics.

Nimble’s Adaptive-Flash Platform is powered by three technologies:

  • Flash in the form of SSD
  • Multi Terabyte Hard Drives
  • Multicore CPU's

By combining the power and functionality of these technologies, we were able to build a flash-optimized file system software from the ground up. We call it Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout, or CASL and it is the architecture that powers all of our storage solutions. Unlike traditional solutions that have an entire tier in their stack devoted to flash, CASL uses a small layer of flash on top of a very large layer of disk to take advantage of the strengths of both technologies.
InfoSight technology informs you of how much flash you need, so you know you are always operating at maximum performance, without over-provisioning.