Red Hat Standard Learning Subscription (LS220)

Red Hat® Learning Subscription is an exclusive program that provides you with one year's access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses. You will receive unlimited access to our online learning content, up to 400 hours of hands-on lab time, and more than 1000 recorded instructor videos. In addition, you will receive access to the Video Classroom modules that feature our most popular course titles.

This program allows you to take any of these courses in your own time and at your own pace, so if you are considering taking more than one Red Hat course within the next year, this program may be the best way to get the training you want, when you need it.

Also Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard students will get access to additional features such as:

  • An enhanced learning portal to make navigation to courses easy to use
  • Individual Exams: Customers will receive 5 exam vouchers and 2 retake exams that can be used for any Red Hat Certification Exam or Certificate of Expertise Exam
  • Expert Seminars: Additional exclusive content in form of recorded seminars available only to Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard customers
  • Instructor Office Hours: Mentoring support from Red Hat Instructors that Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard customers

Who Can Benefit

Red Hat Learning Subscription courses span a variety of different Red Hat technologies, which is why this training subscription is ideal for all levels of IT professionals. This program would most benefit IT professionals such as IT managers, system administrators, software developers, and system architects. Refer to the audience and prerequisites of individual courses to determine if a course is right for you.

Course Details

  • 1 year subscription, single user
  • access to all Red Hat online learning courses* (50+) & Red Hat video courses
  • 400 hours of course labs
  • recorded videos (1000+) of Red Hat instructors teaching course units
  • support: email to Red Hat learning subscription administrators
  • 5 Red Hat exam vouchers & 2 re-takes**
  • expert seminars (exclusive technical training content for rhls standard)
  • instructor office hours - schedule time for mentoring or help with a red hat instructor
  • enhanced learning portal
  • enhanced reporting capabilities

* Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard customers have access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses including those announced after their Subscription entitlement during the life of their subscription.

** Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard customers will have access to 5 different Red Hat Certification and Certificate of Expertise exams during their one year subscription. Also, the customer is allowed 2 retakes (one per exam title). In order for the Red Hat Learning Subscription Student to access an exam, he or she must complete 90% of the associated Course in the Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard Portal.

Exams are available as Individual Exams only. Individual Exam testing kiosk locations are published at