Intelligent Data Lake: Fundamentals for Analysts - On Demand (IDLFA-OD)(10.1.1)

A fundamental overview of the methods used to discover data, and prepare data assets for actionable insights. Discover how to use a platform to enhance the data discovery and analysis experience while turning data into valuable data assets. This course is applicable for Version 10.1.1.
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Obtain an overview of Informatica Intelligent Data Lake
  • Search and discover relevant data faster
  • Create, prepare, and publish data assets
  • Use the IDL tool
Target Audience
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Steward
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Module 1: Introduction Intelligent Data Lake
  • Business scope of Intelligent Data Lake
  • What is Intelligent Data Lake
  • Features of IDL
  • IDL capabilities
  • Identify IDL terminologies
Module 2: IDL User Interface
  • Intelligent Data Lake interface
  • Various stages of data handling in IDL
Module 3: Search
  • Search Function
  • Data through search strings
  • Search Results
  • Different search filters
Module 4: Data Discovery
  • Data discovery capability
  • Data asset views
  • Data copying and data deletion features
Module 5: Import and Export Data
  • Importation of data from external sources
  • Exportation of data to external targets
  • Download data assets as Tableau Data Extract file
Module 6: Project Management
  • Worksheets
  • Creating a project and adding data assets to it
  • Recommendations
  • Features of editing and sharing a project
  • Change project owners
  • Delete a project
Module 7: Data Preparation
  • Concept of data preparation
  • How to configure sampling settings
  • Suggestions
  • Recipe and its features
  • Data blending and data aggregation
  • Formula
Module 8: Data Publication and Upload
  • Concept of data publication
  • Publish prepared data
  • Download the publications
  • Concept of operationalizing mappings
  • Process of data upload