Metadata Manager (MMGR)

This course is applicable for version 10.1 through the current version 10.1.1. Examine the fundamentals of Metadata Manager, including terminology and architecture. Learn the process of loading metadata from a variety of applications and utilize lineage to solve realworld problems.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe metadata concepts and configure Metadata Manager
  • Load metadata using pre-packaged models and XConnects
  • Set up security
  • Configure, execute, and monitor the loading and linking of metadata
  • Browse and search the metadata catalog
  • Display and interact with lineage diagrams
  • Define universal metadata models
  • Load metadata for universal metadata models
  • Define custom metadata models
  • Load metadata for custom metadata models
  • Load Business Glossary and link glossary terms with technical metadata objects
Target Audience
  • Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Steward
  • Metadata Manager
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Module 1: Overview of Metadata Manager
  • Metadata Concepts
  • Metadata Manager Tasks, Resource Types, and Repository
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Metadata Manager Architecture
  • Metadata Manager Concepts and Terminology
Module 2: Metadata Manager User Interface
  • Metadata Manager User Interface
  • Lab: Becoming Familiar with the Layout of Metadata Manager User Interface
  • Lab: Learning to use mmcmd commandline Interface
Module 3: Loading Metadata with Custom Xconnect
  • Loading Metadata Using the Models and XConnects Packaged with Metadata Manager
  • Lab: Loading Metadata from an Oracle database
  • Lab: Loading Metadata from a SQL Server database
  • Lab: Loading Metadata from PowerCenter
  • Lab: Loading Metadata from Data Modelling tool
Module 4: Security
  • Permissions and Privileges in Informatica Administrator and Metadata Manager Applications
  • Lab: Creating Users for Metadata Manager
  • Lab: Granting Access to Metadata Manager to the New Users
  • Lab: Assigning Suitable Privileges on the Application to the Users
Module 5: Working with Metadata
  • Publish, View, Search, Edit, and Share Metadata
  • Populating User-added Attributes
  • Lineage and Impact Analysis
  • Metadata Manager Views
  • Lab: Viewing Lineage from Loaded Resources
Module 6: Universal Connectivity Framework
  • Universal Connectivity Framework
  • Universal XConnect
  • Resource Creation for the Universal XConnect
  • Lab: Creating a Universal XConnect to Represent the Metadata Source Type
  • Lab: Creating a Resource to Represent the Metadata Source
  • Lab: Configuring Connection Assignment and Creating Links for Lineage
Module 7: Loading Metadata with Custom XConnect
  • Packaged Model Extension
  • Custom Model Creation to Represent Metadata not Supported Through Packaged Xconnect and UCF
  • Custom XConnect Creation
  • Lab: Designing and Implementing a Custom Metadata Model
  • Lab: Manually populating the Custom Model
Module 8: Linking
  • Connection Assignments
  • Automated, Rule-based, and Enumerated Linking
  • Lab: Automatically loading Custom Metadata and Using Rule-based Linking
  • Lab: Loading Custom Metadata with Templates and Defining Links for Lineage
Module 9: Business Glossary XConnect
  • Business Glossary Import
  • Business Glossary terms Linking with Physical Data Assets
  • Lab: Loading the Business Glossary and Linking the Glossary Assets with the ¬†Metadata Catalog Objects