Implementing Hitachi Unified Storage (TCI2109)

This 3 day instructor-led course provides training on installation and configuration of the Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) family. The course describes the specifications, architecture and components for each model of the Hitachi Unified Storage family. The course then takes the learner through various steps to plan and perform installations. Next, the learner is introduced to the Web Tool and Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2. Once familiar with these tools, the learner is instructed on using them for storage array operations, including creating RAID groups and LUNs and exporting Constitute files.

The classroom sessions are supported by lab exercises that include identifying components, performing installations, using the Web Tool and Storage Navigator Modular 2, setting up RAID groups and LUNs, operating the Storage Navigator Modular 2 Command Line Interface (CLI) and exporting Constitute files.

A 5 day course is available that includes Implementing (TCI2109) and Supporting (TCI2110) Hitachi Unified Storage. To enroll in the 5 day class, please refer to TCI2208 - Implementing and Supporting Hitachi Unified Storage.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learner should be able to:

  • Describe the Hitachi Unified Storage product line.
  • Explain the function of hardware components and architecture for the File Module
  • Plan an installation
  • Perform installation procedures
  • Perform initial configuration and setup
  • Install and configure Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2
  • Use Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2
  • Use the Web Tool
  • Map RAID groups and LUNs

Prerequisite Courses


CCI0110 - Storage Concepts

THE2205 - Introduction to Hitachi Unified Storage

THE1860 - Hitachi Data Systems Foundations - Modular


THI0515 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations - Modular

Required Knowledge and Skills

Basic knowledge and understanding of SAN, NAS, Storage networking concepts and technology

Supplemental Courses

TCI2110 - Supporting Hitachi Unified Storage

TSI1949 - Basic Provisioning for Hitachi Unified Storage

CSI0157 - Replication Fundamentals for Hitachi Modular Storage

Pokaz szczególy

Course Outline

Content Modules

  • Hitachi Unified Storage Family Overview
  • Hitachi Unified Storage Components
  • Installation - Part 1
  • Installation - Part 2
  • Using the Hitachi Unified Storage Web Tool
  • Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2 Installation and Configuration
  • RAID Group and Logical Unit Configuration
  • Storage Allocation
  • Path Management
  • Hitachi Unified Storage Program Products
  • File Module Overview

Learning Activities - Labs

  • Component Locations
  • Installation
  • Using the Web Tool
  • Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2: Installation and Configuration
  • Setting Up RAID Groups and LUNs
  • Allocating Storage
  • Path Management