Operation and Management of Hitachi Enterprise Storage (TSI1990)

Course Description
This 5 day course provides details on how to use Hitachi Command Suite v7.x to manage provisioning in Hitachi enterprise storage environments. It familiarizes you with key provisioning tasks, including host provisioning and dynamic provisioning, in addition to configuring and managing external storage. The course also introduces you to Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced software for performing path management operations.
Hands-on lab activities allow you to build the skills necessary to configure the key software products and support operational tasks.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

    Describe the architecture for Hitachi enterprise storage systems offerings
    Describe the components of Hitachi Command Suite v7.x
    List the features and benefits of Command Suite v7.x products
    Describe the features and functions of Hitachi Device Manager
    Describe the Device Manager architecture and components
    Identify the steps for configuring and using Device Manager
    Identify the administration tasks associated with Device Manager
    Add storage systems and hosts to Device Manager configuration
    Perform host and storage provisioning tasks
    Create and manage logical groups
    Download and configure Device Manager command line interface (CLI)
    Install and configure Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager for path management
    Use Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM) for path management
    List the functions offered by Element Manager

Course Outline
Content Modules

    Enterprise Storage Architecture
    Hitachi Command Suite v7.x Overview
    Architecture and GUI Overview
    Storage Operations
    Host Operations
    Logical Groups
    Command Line Interface
    Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager
    Hitachi Global Link Manager
    Element Manager (optional)

Learning Activities ? Labs

    Hitachi Device Manager Installation
    Initial Configuration
    Storage Provisioning
    Allocate Storage
    Logical Groups
    Tasks and Alerts
    CLI Setup
    Path Management

Prerequisite Courses


Required Knowledge and Skills

    Experience working with Servers (Windows or UNIX)
    Understanding of basic storage and storage area network (SAN) concepts

Supplemental Courses