Hitachi Command Suite Installation and Configuration (TSI2038)

This 5 day course provides a full product overview, including in-depth training to install, configure and troubleshoot Hitachi Command Suite*. This course also includes exercises on best practices for installation, setup, and initial configuration of the software. In addition, this course provides the key steps for setting up the software to perform management operations.

The course includes numerous hands-on lab activities designed to build the skills necessary to configure the key software products presented during the course.

Hitachi Command Suite includes Basic Operating System, Basic Operating System V, Hitachi Command Director, Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, Hitachi Replication Manager, Hitachi Command Suite Mobility and Hitachi Tuning Manager.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Describe how Hitachi Command Suite resolves storage management problems
  • Describe the architecture of Hitachi Command Suite
  • Identify the Hitachi Command Suite installation requirements
  • Install, set up and configure Hitachi Command Suite components
  • Describe the steps for configuring Hitachi Device Manager, Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager and Hitachi Replication Manager for customer usage
  • Describe Hitachi Tuning Manager components and architecture
  • Outline the required pre-installation tasks using the pre-installation checklist
  • Describe the features of license information management
  • Identify the supported resources in Hitachi Tuning Manager
  • Install Tuning Manager server on a Microsoft Windows platform
  • Install Agent for Server System, Agent for RAID and Agent for Switch on different supported platforms
  • List the virtualization support requirements
  • Set up Tuning Manager
  • Use the Performance Reporter to ensure the installed Tuning Manager agents are correctly reporting to the Tuning Manager server
  • Describe supported configurations for fabric monitoring
  • Describe maintenance and troubleshooting issues and strategies
  • Describe the key features and installation procedure of Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager
  • Install and configure Hitachi Global Link Manager
  • Set, monitor and forward alerts
  • Describe the steps for configuring Hitachi Global Link Manager for customer use
  • Perform security management tasks
  • Explain existing maintenance and troubleshooting procedures

Prerequisite Courses

THI0515 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations - Modular

THI0517 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations - Enterprise

THI2264 / THE2264 - Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations

Required Knowledge and Skills

Experience working with servers (Windows or UNIX)

Knowledge of basic storage and storage area network (SAN) concepts

Supplemental Courses


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Course Outline

Content Modules

  • Overview
  • Pre-Installation Planning
  • Hitachi Command Suite Installation
  • Hitachi Command Suite Administration
  • Hitachi Command Suite Mobility
  • Hitachi Replication Manager Configuration
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager Installation Planning
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager Server Installation
  • Agent Installation and Configuration
  • Basic GUI Administration and Navigation
  • Server and Agent Upgrade
  • Maintenance
  • Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Advanced

Learning Activities - Labs

  • Hitachi Command Suite Server Installation
  • Agent Installation and Configuration
  • Hitachi Command Suite Mobility Configuration
  • Hitachi Replication Manager Configuration
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager Server Installation
  • Hitachi Tuning Manager Agent Installation
  • Installation and Setup of Additional Agents
  • Validate Agent Installation
  • Basic GUI Navigation and Administration
  • Upgrade Installation on Microsoft Windows
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Hitachi Global Link Manager Advanced
  • Optional Lab: Virtualization Server