Dell EMC Unity Implementation and Administration (ES112STG00110)

This instructor-led course covers the knowledge necessary to understand the features and functionality and key use cases of a Dell EMC Unity storage system. Topics include system administration, storage provisioning, storage resource access, scalability and performance features, storage efficiency features, data protection features and data mobility features.
Hands-on labs provide practical experience applying concepts discussed throughout the course.
This course is intended for professionals who will be positioning, designing, deploying, managing and supporting solutions using Dell EMC Unity arrays.
Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
  • Dell EMC Unity Features and Concepts
  • Dell EMC Unity Hardware Features and Concepts
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Perform administration operations via Unisphere
  • Provision block, file and VMware datastore storage
  • Access block, file and VMware datastore storage
  • Use performance and scalability features
  • Use data efficiency features
  • Perform snapshot and replication data protection operations
  • Perform block and file data mobility operations
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Course Outline
The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives, and is provided in a role-based structure.
Module 1: System Administration
Lesson 1: Interfaces and access control
Lesson 2: Basic settings
Lesson 3: Unisphere support configuration
Lesson 4: Unisphere Alerts
Module 2: Storage Provisioning
Lesson 1: Storage resources overview
Lesson 2: Dynamic Pool Considerations
Lesson 3: Block storage provisioning
Lesson 4: File storage provisioning
Lesson 5: VMware datastore provisioning
Module 3: Storage Resource Access
Lesson 1: Block storage access
Lesson 2: File storage access
Lesson 3: VMware datastore access
Module 4: Scalability and Performance
Lesson 1: FAST Cache
Lesson 2: Host I/O Limits
Lesson 3: UFS64 File System extension and shrink
Module 5: Storage Efficiency
Lesson 1: Data reduction
Lesson 2: FAST VP
Lesson 3: Thin Clones overview
Lesson 4: File system Quotas
Module 6: Data Mobility
Lesson 1: Local LUN Move overview
Lesson 2: Local LUN Move configuration and operations
Lesson 3: Local NAS Server Mobility overview
Lesson 4: Local NAS Server Move operation
Module 7: Data Protection with Snapshots
Lesson 1: Snapshots overview
Lesson 2: Managing Snapshots
Lesson 3: Using Snapshots
Module 8: Data Protection with Replication
Lesson 1: Replication overview
Lesson 2: Managing replication
Lesson 3: Remote Replication operations