R80 Administrator Workshop (R80AW)

The Check Point R80 Administrator Workshop provides an understanding of the basic concepts and skills necessary to maintain Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades. During this course you will configure a Security Policy and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network, configuring a Security Gateway and configuring Application Control and URL Filtering.

Target audience:

Experienced Check Point Administrators who need to get up to speed on R80.10 management.


Persons attending this course should have a working knowledge Windows and/or UNIX, network technology and the Internet.


  • Global look around
  • Security Policy Management
  • Policy Layers
  • Traffic Visibility (Monitoring & Logging)
  • Application Control and URL Filtering
  • Administrator Task Implementation¬†¬†¬†

Lab exercises:

  • Working with Gaia Portal
  • Modifying an Existing Security Policy
  • Managing Administrator Access
  • Managing a Remote Security Gateway
  • Defining Access Control Policy Layers
  • Defining and Sharing Security Policy Layers
  • Working with Check Point Logs
  • Maintaining Check Point Logs
  • Verifying Network Compliance
  • Configuring Application Control and URL Filtering

Length: 1 day