IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server Administration (ZT011G-SPVC)


This course is also available as classroom course IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server Administration  (WT011G).


This course is intended to teach the necessary knowledge and skills to install, configure, and use the IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server.



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This course is intended for administrators the IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server.


  • Fundamental knowledge of using Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Basic understanding of networking


  • Describe the operation of the FASP protocol
  • Outline the functions of various Aspera software products
  • Explain Aspera configuration parameters and assign their values
  • Create and manage Aspera users and groups
  • Perform file transfers using the Aspera GUI and from the command line
  • Implement support for Aspera Node API
  • Configure Hot Folders and Aspera Watch Service
  • Execute basic troubleshooting tasks for common problems
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Course Outline

Understanding IBM Aspera FASP

Overview of IBM Aspera SoftwareInstalling IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer ServerExercise: Installing IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer ServerConfiguring IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server

Exercise: Configuring IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server

Managing Aspera users and groupsExercise: Managing Aspera users and groups

Using command-line operationsExercise: Using command-line operationsConfiguring advanced featuresExercise: Configuring advanced featuresRoutine maintenance tasks