Global Traffic Manager (BIG-IP-GTM)

This course is designed for networking professionals to renew their understanding of
DNS network systems and wide-area networks, master pre-installation information gathering, and apply this information to the process of installing a GTM System.

Utilising both simulated installation activities and hands-on exercises, participants gain real-time experience setting up and configuring both primary and secondary GTM Systems, WAN systems, integrating multiple GTM Systems, and migrating DNS systems to a GTM.

Participants will also gain knowledge of the essential GTM management interfaces that assist network managers. In addition, this course covers configuring, monitoring and testing GTM Systems and networks, as well as dynamic and static load balancing, and GTM report screens.

This course is intended for installation engineers and others responsible for installing, configuring and troubleshooting the BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager product.

Delegates should understand:
  • Common Network terminology
  • TCP/IP Addressing and Routing
  • Internetworking concepts
  • Common elements of WAN and LAN environments
  • Data Center Server redundancy concepts

Delegates should also be proficient with:
  • Basic PC operation and application skills, including operating a CD drive, keyboard, mouse and Windows OS, Basic Web Browser operation (Internet Explorer is used in class)
In addition, it is helpful if delegates are familiar with:
  • pico editor or vi editor
  • the tcpdump program
  • the nslookup and dig programs

  • Install and setup
  • DNS Overview
  • Configuring GTM Objects
  • Load Balancing for GTM
  • LDNS Probes
  • Monitors for GTM
  • Zonerunner and BIND
  • Logging and Notification
  • Advanced GTM Topics such as Topology, iRules and GTM Synchronization
  • Final Configuration Project