ONTAP 9.2 Cluster Administration and Data Protection (CDOTDP9)

The ONTAP 9.2 Cluster Administration and Data Protection combo course uses lecture and hands-on exercises to show you how to configure and maintain a cluster. You will practice working with ONTAP features and will use the cluster shell and OnCommand® System Manager to manage storage and network resources. This course will also show you how to become proficient with NetApp ONTAP SnapMirror, SnapVault, SVM DR, SyncMirror, and NDMP technologies used to replicate, restore, and protect mission-critical data in the enterprise. Backup and restore operations are taught using the NetApp storage system CLI and the OnCommand System Manager.
Course Information
This 5 day course comprises the 3 day ONTAP 9.2 Cluster Administration course followed by the 2 day ONTAP 9.2 Data Protection Administration course.
The first 3 days use lecture and hands-on exercises to teach basic administration and configuration of a cluster. The hands-on labs allow you to practice working with ONTAP features and manage your storage and network resources using the cluster shell and OnCommand System Manager.
Students spend the final 2 days learning the core technologies of ONTAP Data protection administration. You will learn how to implement and manage SnapMirror, SnapVault, and SnapLock technology which are used to replicate and restore mission-critical data in the enterprise. The course also surveys real-world scenarios and use cases to teach you when to use each of the NetApp protection solutions. Backup and restore operations are taught using the command line and OnCommand System Manager.
Recommended Audience
  • Network Engineers
  • Channel Partners
  • System Engineers
  • NetApp Customers  
  • ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals (WBT)
  • ONTAP NAS Fundamentals (WBT)
  • ONTAP SAN Fundamentals (WBT)
  • ONTAP Data Protection Fundamentals WBT 
  • Describe how ONTAP fits into the NetApp Cloud and Data Fabric strategy
  • Identify supported ONTAP configurations
  • Create a cluster
  • Manage ONTAP administrators
  • Configure and manage storage resources
  • Configure and manage networking resources
  • Create and configure a storage virtual machine (SVM)
  • Create and manage FlexVol® volumes
  • Implement storage efficiency features
  • Create protocol servers within an SVM
  • Upgrade and revert ONTAP software
  • Describe NetApp protection technology and the NetApp integrated data-protection solutions that are supported in ONTAP 9.2
  • Design, implement, and manage ONTAP 9.2 SnapMirror replication
  • Perform storage virtual machine disaster recovery setup and operation
  • Design, implement, and manage ONTAP 9.2 SnapVault replication
  • Use the OnCommand System Manager to set up and manage backup and restore operations
  • Describe how SyncMirror software can be used to protect data at the aggregate level
  • Describe how to implement the NDMP protocol in ONTAP 9.2 software
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Course Outline
ONTAP Cluster Administration
Module 1: ONTAP Review
  • ONTAP foundation for Data Fabric
  • ONTAP cluster components
  • Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) role in the NetApp storage architecture
  • ONTAP deployment options 
Module 2: Cluster Setup
  • ONTAP software terminology
  • Supported FAS configurations
  • Manage cluster nodes
  • Cluster setup
  • User interfaces
  • OnCommand system manager 9.2 
Module 3: Management
  • Managing clusters
  • Access control
  • Date and time
  • Licenses
  • Policies, jobs and schedules
  • Licenses
  • Policies, jobs and schedules 
Module 4: Network Management
  • ONTAP network review
  • Network ports
  • IPspaces
  • Network interfaces
  • Nondisruptive LIF configuration
  • Routing management 
Module 5: Physical Storage
  • ONTAP storage architecture concepts
  • Disks, RAID and aggregates
  • Flash cache and flash pool
  • Advanced disk partitioning
  • FabricPool aggregates 
Module 6: Logical Storage
  • Manage flexible volumes
  • Manage Snapshot copies
  • Restore data from a Snapshot copy
  • Volume moves 
Module 7: Storage Efficiency
  • Thin provisioning
  • Deduplication and compression
  • Flash efficiency
  • FlexClone volumes 
Module 8: NAS Protocols
  • File system structure
  • Deploying NFS
  • Windows file services
  • Network file access
  • Create NFS and SMB servers within SVM 
Module 9: SAN Protocols
  • Unified storage review
  • SAN support in ONTAP
  • iSCSI configuration
  • Windows LUN 
Module 10: Cluster Maintenance
  • Upgrading your cluster
  • Events and alerts
  • Performance best practices
  • Technical support 
Module 11: Data Protection Features
  • Data Protection solutions
  • Monitor and manage data protection tools 
  • Exploring ONTAP management UIS
  • Managing ONTAP clusters and administrators
  • Managing physical and logical network resources
  • Managing virtual network resources
  • Managing physical storage
  • Exploring RAID-TEC and creating a flash pool
  • Managing data volumes and Snapshot copies
  • Managing FlexVol volumes
  • Managing storage efficiency
  • Managing Flexclone volumes
  • Configuring NAS protocols
  • Accessing NAS data from client computers
  • Configuring iSCSI
  • Accessing a LUN from a windows host
  • Exploring the event log 
ONTAP Data Protection
Module 1: ONTAP Integrated Data Protection
  • Data protection overview
  • Data protection challenges
  • Monitor and manage data protection solutions
  • Monitor and manage data protection tools  
Module 2: NetApp Mirroring Fundamentals
  • Mirror relationship components
  • Configuration guidelines for intercluster SnapMirror software
  • Cascading replication relationship differences
  • Cluster and SVM peering  
Module 3: Implementation of SnapMirror Relationships
  • Create and initialize the SnapMirror relationship
  • SnapMirror disaster recovery
  • Manually update SnapMirror
  • Version-independent SnapMirror technology  
Module 4: Disaster Recovery for Storage Virtual Machines
  • Requirements and options for replication of SVM
  • SVM initial data transfer
  • Manual SVM update
  • Schedule regular SVM updates  
Module 5: Disk-to-Disk Backup with SnapVault Software
  • SnapVault relationship implememtation
  • SnapVault and storage compression
  • Demonstrate a SnapVault initial transfer
  • Restore data using SnapVault  
Module 6: SyncMirror and Metrocluster Software
  • SyncMirror components
  • Relationships of plexes and pools
  • MetroCluster Overview
  • Configurations  
Module 7: NDMP and Tape Backup
  • NDMP Fundamentals
  • NDMP terms and concepts
  • Backup models
  • Management  
  • Preparing for mirror relationships
  • Using SnapMirror software to mirror FlexVol volumes
  • Performing SnapMirror disaster recovery
  • Using flexClone technology to clone a SnapMirror volume
  • Configuring storage virtual machine disaster recovery
  • Configuring the SnapVault relationship
  • Using SnapVault to restore data