Cisco Delivering Hybrid IT with Cloud Center (CLDCTR)

Delivering Hybrid IT with Cisco CloudCenter is a three-day course in which participants learn how to use Cisco CloudCenter to securely deploy and manage applications in multiple data center, private cloud and public cloud environments. Through expert instruction and extensive hands-on learning, participants use key CloudCenter features to modernize and automate data centers or add public cloud application deployment to service offerings. This course covers CloudCenter architecture; administrative capabilities, such as cloud management, multitenancy, governance, and policy enforcement; application modeling; and CloudCenter integration with Cisco UCS Director, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), and private and public clouds.


After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Understand CloudCenter Architecture
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter administrative capabitllities, such as cloud management, multitenancy, governance and policy enforcement
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter Application Modeling
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter integration with Cisco UCS Director, Cisco ACI and private and public clouds

Target Audience

Engineers using Cisco CloudCenter to deploy and manage applications in multiple data center, private cloud and public cloud deployments.


Attendees should meet the following pre-requsites:

  • Datacenter experience
  • Operating systems and virtualization experience
  • Understanding of server system design and architecture
  • Familiarity with cloud concepts and n-tier application designing - CLDFND and CLDAUT Recommended
  • Familiarity with Cisco UCS, networking and storage concepts - DCICN, DCICT and DCUCI Recommended

Testing and Certification

Recommended as preparation for the following exams:

  • There is no exam currently aligned to this course
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Course Content

Day One

  • Section 1: Understanding Status Quo
  • Section 2: Understanding Cloud Readiness
  • Section 3: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center
  • Section 4: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Design
  • Section 5: Understaning Cisco Cloud Center GUI
  • Section 6: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Repositories
  • Section 7: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Delployment Environment
  • Section 8: Mapping Images in Cisco Cloud Center
  • Section 9: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Usage and Fee Structure
  • Section 10: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center User Administration

Day Two

  • Section 11: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Applications
  • Section 12: Understanding Cisco Cloud Cloud Application Modeling
  • Section 13: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Application Runtime Management
  • Section 14: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Application Deployment Parameters
  • Section 15: Indroducing Cisco Cloud Center Advanced Parameters
  • Section 16: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Application Deployment Lifecycle
  • Section 17: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Services
  • Section 18: Deploying Applications in Cisco Cloud Center Hybrid Cloud
  • Section 19: Integrating Cisco Cloud Center - Cisco ACI
  • Section 20: Integrating Cisco Cloud Center - Cisco UCS Director

Day Three

  • Section 21: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Application Management
  • Section 22: Benchmarking Application in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Section 23: Scheduling Application in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Section 24: Sharing Application in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Section 25: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Marketplace
  • Section 26: Understanding Cisco CloudCenter CICD
  • Section 27: Understanding Cisco CloudCenter Policies
  • Section 28: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Governance


  • Discovery 1: Introduction to Cisco CloudCenter GUI
  • Discovery 2: Create CloudCenter Repository
  • Discovery 3: Create Deployment Environment
  • Discovery 4: Create Images in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Discovery 5: Create Contracts, Bundles, and Usage Plans
  • Discovery 6: Create Users
  • Discovery 7: Create Sub Tenant
  • Discovery 8: Model and Deploy Two-Tier WordPress Application
  • Discovery 9: Model and Deploy Multi-Tier RollerBlog Application
  • Discovery 10: Terminate, Suspend, and Resume Applications
  • Discovery 11: Create User-Defined Parameters
  • Discovery 12: Explore Userenv File
  • Discovery 13: Custom Service
  • Discovery 14: Deploy Application in Hybrid Cloud
  • Discovery 15: Application Benchmark
  • Discovery 16: Schedule Application
  • Discovery 17: Share Applications
  • Discovery 18: Publish Applications in Marketplace
  • Discovery 19: CICD Project Board
  • Discovery 20: Manage Policies
  • Discovery 21: Tags and Governance