COBIT 5 Foundation (COBIT01)

This Cobit Foundation course is a three day, PEOPLECERT-accredited course, which looks at the drivers for this latest version of COBIT. The five basic principles on which COBIT 5 is founded and the enablers for governance and management of enterprise IT which support the integration between the goals, objectives, controls and processes of the business and IT. The course includes an introduction to COBIT 5 implementation and the concepts relating to the Process Assessment Model.
This Cobit Foundation course comprises lectures, group discussion, assignments, a sample examination paper and other guidance to prepare attendees for the PEOPLECERT-accredited examination. The Cobit Foundation course activities are reinforced through the trainer’s proven implementation track record. The course content is based on COBIT 5, including the framework and other supporting documentation.
Target Audience
The course is suitable for business managers, chief executives, IT/IS auditors, internal auditors, information security and IT practitioners, consultants and IT/IS managers requiring an insight into the enterprise governance of IT and who may also be requiring certification as a COBIT 5 implementer or assessor.
  • The major drivers for the development of COBIT 5
  • The business benefits of using COBIT 5
  • The COBIT 5 product architecture
  • The 5 key principles of COBIT 5 for the governance and management of enterprise IT
  • How the COBIT 5 processes and the Process Reference Model help guide the creation of the 5 principles and the 7 governance and management enablers
  • The basic concepts for the implementation of COBIT 5
  • The basic concepts of the new Process Assessment Model
  • The COBIT 5 guides and how they interrelate
There are no specific pre-requisites for attendees wishing to participate in the course but it is assumed that attendees will have a basic understanding of IT and IT concepts.
Testing and Certification
 The PEOPLECERT-accredited Foundation examination.
  • The qualification is based on a 40 minute closed-book examination of 50 multiple choice questions. Typically, the examination is taken at the end of the course.
  • Successful attendees will be awarded the PEOPLECERT-accredited Foundation Certificate.
  • The qualification is a mandatory prerequisite for further COBIT 5 Implementation, Assessor training courses.
Exam is included in the course fee.
Show details

Overview and key features of COBIT 5
  • The drivers for the development of COBIT 5
  • The business needs of the enterprise and the benefits provided by COBIT 5
The COBIT 5 Principles
  • Introduction to the framework principles, enablers and the process reference model
  • Principle 1: Meeting stakeholder needs
  • Principle 2: Covering the enterprise end-to-end
  • Principle 3: Applying a single integrated framework
  • Principle 4: Enabling a holistic approach
  • Principle 5: Separating governance from management
The COBIT 5 Enablers
  • Enabler 1: Principles, policies and frameworks
  • Enabler 2: Processes
  • Enabler 3: Organisational structures
  • Enabler 4: Culture, ethics and behaviour
  • Enabler 5: Information
  • Enabler 6: Services, infrastructure and applications
  • Enabler 7: People, skills and competencies
An Introduction to COBIT 5 Implementation
  • The lifecycle model
  • Internal and external factors that influence change
  • Typical pain points and trigger events that drive change
  • The importance and good practice of the business case
The Process Capability Model (The Process Assessment Model)
  • Introduction to the Process Capability Model based on ISO 15504
  • The concepts and scope of Process Capability Assessment using the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model