Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure (DCIDUC)

This two-day instructor-led course focuses on data center design based on Cisco unified computing solutions. The course includes information on designing data centers with Cisco components and technologies, including infrastructure design, compute connectivity design, and compute resource parameters design. Theoretical content, as well as design-oriented case studies and exercises are used to put the knowledge learnedĀ into practice.The course is designed to help students prepare for Cisco Channel Partner Data Center Program requirements and for professional-level data center roles.

The goal of the course is to enable engineers to design and choose the components required for a scalable, reliable, and intelligent data center.

Target Audience

Channel Partner's looking to achieve Channel Program Data Center specialisation requirements.


After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the Hardware Redundancy Options
  • Virtualize the Network,Compute and Storage
  • Describe the FEX Solutions and Compare Adapter FEX with VM-FEX
  • Describe the Nexus 1000 Solution to Extend the Hypervisor Functionality
  • Describe the Virtual Applicances for a Data Center Deployment
  • Describe the Management and Orchestration options for the Data Center Networking Infrastructure
  • Explain the different Cisco UCS C-Series and B-Series servers and use cases
  • Explain the Connectivity Optionsin the Fabric Interconnects
  • Describe Hyperconverged Solution and the Integrates Systems based on Different Storage Vendors.
  • Describe the Different Management Options for UCS.Ā 
  • Describe Hadoop, SAP Hana and IoT on Cisco UCS
  • Design Data Center Compute Resource Parameters


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Implement data center networking (LAN and SAN)
  • Describe data center storage
  • Implement data center virtualization
  • Implement Cisco UCS
  • Implement data center automation and orchestration with the focus on Cisco ACI and UCS Director
  • Describe data center products in the Cisco Nexus and MDS families
  • Attendance of DCICN, DCICT, v6.0 or later is recommended in order to obtain the level of information required before attending this course.

Testing and Certification

Recommended as preparation for the following exams:

  • 300-160 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Infrastructure Exam
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Data Center Infrastructure Design

  • Describing Hardware and Device Virtualization
  • Describing FEX Options
  • Describing Virtual Networking
  • Describing Virtual Appliances
  • Describing Management and Orchestration

Data Center Compute Connectivity Design

  • Describing Cisco UCS C-Series Servers and Use Cases
  • Describing Cisco UCS B-Series Servers and Use Cases
  • Describing Fabric Interconnect Connectivity
  • Describing Hyperconverged and Integrated Systems
  • Describing Management Systems
  • Describing Hadoop, SAP Hana, and IoT on Cisco UCS

Data Center Compute Resource Parameters Design

  • Describing System-Wide Parameters
  • Describing RBAC
  • Describing Pools for Service Profiles
  • Describing Policies for Service Profiles
  • Describing Network Specific Adapters and Policies
  • Describing Templates in Cisco UCS Manager