Getting Started with BIG-IP (F5-FOC-BIG-IP)

Getting Started with BIG-IP

This course is divided into two modules:

  1. The Administration module focuses on basic administrative activities on the BIG-IP system. You'll learn how to activate a new BIG-IP system for operation, including configuring the management port, licensing, provisioning, and basic network configuration. You'll learn how to archive the BIG-IP configuration in support of data center backup and recovery activities. Finally, you'll learn how to verify the proper operation of your BIG-IP system by using the online BIG-IP iHealth® diagnostic tool.
  2. The Application Delivery module focuses on the basic building blocks of BIG-IP configuration in support of application delivery including nodes, pools and pool members, virtual servers, monitors, and profiles. You'll learn how to configure a basic web application that is delivered through the BIG-IP system, and includes round robin load balancing, HTTP application health monitoring, overcoming routing issues with SNATs, and SSL offload (client SSL termination). You'll also learn how to review the flow of application traffic through the BIG-IP system using local traffic statistics.

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