Flexpod Administration (FPADM)

This course is for advanced users who already have an understanding of Cisco UCS, and NetApp Storage.  Covering FlexPod administration plus troubleshooting and how to engage with ANS support services.

Overview of FlexPod Architecture and Components
  • NetApp Data ONTAP Storage
  • Cisco Nexus LAN and SAN switches
  • Cisco Unified Computing System¬†

Basic Storage Overview
  • File based storage ? NFS and CIFS
  • Block based storage ? SCSI
  • Fibre Channel SAN ¬†
  • Unified Fabrics and FCoE

Using Nexus CLI to provision LAN and SAN resources
  • Creating VLANs
  • Creating VSANs, Zones and Zonesets

Cisco UCS Manager administration
  • Understanding RBAC and Organizations
  • Creating and managing user accounts and logs
  • Backup and Restore operations

Using Cisco UCS Manager to Provision Cisco UCS servers
  • Creating VLANs and VSANs
  • Building Resource Pools
  • Creating and Managing Policies
  • Creating Service Profiles and Templates

NetApp Data ONTAP administration
  • Understanding NetApp Data ONTAP Cluster Mode
  • Creating and managing user accounts and logs
  • Backup and Restore operations
  • Monitoring and managing storage usage

Using NetApp System Manager to provision storage resources
  • Creating SVMs for LAN and SAN traffic
  • Creating VLANs for NFS traffic
  • Creating volumes to hold NFS Datastores
  • Creating SAN boot volumes and mapping the hosts

VMware vCenter administration
  • Installing ESXi and booting from SAN
  • Adding hosts to the vSphere cluster
  • Adding an NFS Datastore to the Host
  • Creating and configuring a VM

Identifying and Troubleshooting faults
  • Using Cisco UCS Fault logs
  • Identifying server failures
  • Identifying network conectivity failures
  • Identifying storage failures
  • Engaging with ANS Support Services