Power9 – Scale-Up Servers Designed to Fuel Innovation (IBM18003)

There is a lot going on in the world. The rate of change in technology is disrupting industries and companies quicker than ever. Industry analysts predict that within 8 years, over half of the Fortune 500 will have disappeared. The deluge of data being produced today is happening at the same time that IT budgets are being slashed. Successful IT organizations are adapting by learning to ‘do more with less’ with Artificial Intelligence in mind.  IBM has taken steps to make that easier with the introduction of the all new Power9 System.


IBM Business Partners




The primary goal of this session is to help IBM business partners identify new and promising business opportunities based on the new IBM Power9 and associated technologies. The course consists of lecture modules as well as practical hands-on demonstrations.


Unit 1 - What's new in Power Systems hardware.

Unit 2 - What's new in AIX, Linux & IBM i

Unit 3 - What's new in PowerVM 2.2.6, including SDS / SDN

Unit 4 - HMC v9 and beyond

Unit 5 - What's new in PowerVC, PowerVP & PowerSC

Unit 6 - Nutanix on Power

Unit 7 - What's new PowerHA for AIX, IBM i .. and Linux!

Unit 8 - SAP HANA on Power

Unit 9 - PowerAI for deep and machine learning

Unit 10 - IBM Cloud Private