Next Gen Infrastructure for the AI World (IBM18004)

Summit was crowned the “Fastest System in the World” in the biannual Top500 survey. Learn practical applications of how the same IBM Power Systems technologies that support Summit can be used in the developing world of AI.


IBM Business Partners




This workshop is aimed at experienced Data Scientists/Data Engineers, designed to cover all aspect of the IBM solution and enables Data Scientists to deliver accelerated training results and faster time to value. Attendees will familiarize themselves with the installation and configuration of PowerAI, and understand the unique platform properties and scalability.


Unit 1 - Introduction to IBM Power Systems

  • The OpenPOWER Foundation
  • Why Power Systems?
  • Getting the most out of Nvidia GPU technology
  • Operating Systems and Support

Unit 2 - Introduction to PowerAI

  • What is Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • What is PowerAI
  • Unique Capabilities
  • install, Configuration, Optimization Overview

Unit 3 - AI Vision Overview

  • The Vision Challenge
  • AI Vision Capabilities
  • Use Cases
  • Architecture and Deployment


Unit 4 - AI Vision Demo

  • Preparing Data for AI Vision
  • How to use AI Vision to Train Classifiers
  • Deploying Custom Classifiers with AI Vision 

Unit 5 - DSX Local

  • Introduction to DSX Local
  • Architecture, Pre-reqs and Sizing
  • Best Practices
  • Smaller Scale Alternatives