Big Data and Analytics - Data Transformation using Storage Infrastructure Optimization (IBM18005)

Data analysis has become a key part of business, demanding a storage infrastructure that supports the increasing volume of data. But growing storage infrastructure can increase both storage costs and storage management complexity. IBM's SIO identifies requirements as well as gaps in existing storage environments and provides a transformation path to help gain maximum efficiency while enabling new workloads and innovation.


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The IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) is a big data storage system that combines Power servers, storage enclosures, and disks along with IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Spectrum Scale RAID technology, providing analytic and technical computing storage and data services.

This workshop provides an overview of the IBM Elastic Storage Server. It reviews benefits, features for protection from data loss, storage terms, hardware components, software components, and network considerations.

The session also details the monitoring tasks to manage the Elastic Storage Server environment including working with the command line interface, working with graphical user interface, and to manage both file systems and filesets. It also reviews ESA support, disk replacement procedures, and the data collection and contact procedures for IBM service and support.


Unit 1. Introducing the ESS

  • Discuss the benefits for ESS
  • Assess the recoverability features of IBM Spectrum Scale RAID
  • Define ESS storage structure and terms
  • Paraphrase how data is protected in an ESS

Unit 2. Defining the ESS components

  • Summarize the ESS hardware
  • Summarize the ESS software
  • Identify the ESS network requirements

Unit 3. Monitoring the ESS

  • Illustrate the CLI status commands for ESS hardware and configuration
  • Relate how to manage ESS using the GUI

Unit 4. Managing the ESS file systems and filesets

  • Manage ESS file systems
  • Relate how to manage ESS filesets

Unit 5. Managing the ESS service support

  • Summarize the call home support for ESS
  • Carry out the disk replacement procedure for ESS
  • Summarize IBM service tools for ESS