vSEC for Amazon Web Services (VSEC)

Course outline:

Provide an understanding of basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point vSEC products for use in Amazon Web Services.

Target audience:                       

Technical professionals who support, install, deploy or administer Check Point Software Blades.

Persons attending this course should have taken the Check Point Security Administrator Course or should have equivalent knowledge and experience.


  • The Check Point vSEC Security Solution
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Deployment and Licensing 
  • Understand cloud computing and the advantages of deploying resources into a virtualized datacenter.
  • Discuss the various security challenges facing virtual environments and data centers.
  • Understand how Check Point vSEC protects virtual environments and data centers.
  • Understand how AWS services can be used to build a virtual environment secured by Check Point vSEC.
  • Understand how to plan and deploy a virtual network in AWS.
  • Recognize the two elastic licensing options for AWS.
 Lab exercises:  
  • Create navigation shortcuts in the AWS Management Console.
  • Navigate various landing pages of the AWS Management Console.
  • Create a VPC using the VPC wizard.
  • Configure a private subnet for the VPC.
  • Deploy and configure a Check Point R80 management server.
  • Launch and configure an NGINX web server instance.
  • Launch a stack from the Check Point support center.
  • Configure the cluster details.
  • Configure a cluster and web server object to represent your AWS network in SmartConsole.
  • Configure the policy to NAT traffic to the web server. 
Length:             1 day